The Division 2: Finding SHD Points

The SHD points are an essential form of currency for players to earn during their time in The Division 2. Players spend them with the Quartermaster located at the White House, where they can unlock various perks to make their Division agent stronger. But what are all the different ways players can earn these points?

The Division 2 SHD Points

Players have three methods to acquire SHD points during their journey through The Division 2.

Leveling Up

The quickest way is by leveling up. A player receives a single SHD point when they level up, every time. It’s a straightforward way to acquire the points and then use them on perk upgrades. Unfortunately, the more perks a player unlocks, the higher level perks cost more SHD points, meaning they won’t be able to solely rely on this method. The Division 2 players need to use the other two ways to gain these points if they hope to obtain all of the available perks.

Side Missions

The Division 2 SHD Missions

When you open up your map and advance the story, you’re going to see multiple side missions unlocking as you progress to new areas. Some of these side missions have the orange Division eagle attached to them. This symbol means that by completing this mission, you’re going to unlock an SHD point at the end and add it to your total. Strangely, the side-missions in The Division 2 are more robust than the story missions, so before you proceed in these, you may want to call in back up. Plus, you’re going to receive additional experience points for doing this, so what’s the harm?

Unlocking Safehouses

The Division 2 Safe Houses

The final way to gather SHD points is by unlocking safehouses. These safehouses were previously Division outposts that supplied their agents with information and an armory. Unfortunately, due to the chaos in Washington D.C., many of these locations were abandoned and shut done. It’s up to your Division agent to revisit these locations and reactive them. After you arrive at a new one, proceed inside and activate the computers. Doing so gives you a list of tasks to complete in the area, and you’ll receive waypoints of various SHD cache locations scattered throughout the district. Visiting these locations reward you with SHD points, and you’ll advance the checklist the safe house gave you.

Unlock as many SHD points as you can locate in The Division 2 and you should have the ability to unlock all of the available perks. Many of them assist you in combat, storage, and even improve the number of experience points you receive based on how you take down enemies.