The Division – How To Open Suite 3 In The Grand Washington Hotel

In The Division 2’s first mission, that sees you trying to rescue someone from the Grand Washington Hotel, there is a hidden loot room. Known as Suite 3, it is filled with loot, ripe for the picking. Getting into this room is a good way to give your character a little boost in the early stages of the game.

How To Open Suite 3

Suite 3 Key Location

The first thing you need is a key card. After entering the Grand Washington Hotel, clear out the first room of enemies, then head for the hallway that runs along the side of the room. Beside a large dumpster you will find a body. Loot the body to find the key to Suite 3.

Now, proceed through the level until you go up in the elevator. There is a lot of shooting to be done, so just move through each area, killing enemies and grabbing whatever loot you find.

Suites 1-10

There are actually a couple of rooms designated as Suite 3 in the building, but you can ignore the first two. Eventually you will come to a large sign on the wall that says “Suites 1-10,” and you will know you are in the right place.

Two doors up on the left hand side of the corridor, you will find Suite 3. Just interact with the door to open it, and go inside and grab all the loot. Little secrets like this tend to repeat themselves in games, so if we find similar loot rooms in other missions we will be sure to let you know.