The Division 2 | 5 Best Tips For Beginners

The newest gaming phenomenon that is The Division 2 has swept the industry by storm – and somewhat by surprise. A lot of seasoned players who loved the first one have returned, but due to the initially high critical ratings of the sequel, there have been a lot of newcomers wanting in on the action.

And although The Division 2 is complex in gameplay and mechanics, there are enough simplicities that allow beginners to get the hang of things. That isn’t to say that there aren’t things we wish we knew before starting the game, such as understanding the HUD interface and things like that. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of tips for newcomers and beginners to help them get the edge for survival and effectiveness in every mission.

5 Best Tips For Beginners

You Don’t Have to Play Alone

The Division 2

There are many out there who will want to be a lone wolf, traversing the dirty streets of Washington D.C. like the Lone Wanderer of Fallout, but there are also those who want the cooperative experience that The Division franchise has to offer. Although the game does encourage single-player exploration and gameplay, it is still advised to jump in with a squad to help move through missions with much more ease, especially in later missions when going up against large forces of enemies and heavily armored mini-bosses. For those wanting to play solo, the game does allow for a more solo journey, but it’s going to be more challenging. If you’re hardwired to go-it-alone, then make use of the tech abilities such as a drone and a machine-gun turret. There are also options to call in for help from other players as well.

Exploration is Key


Much like other loot-based online RPGs, The Division 2 puts heavy emphasis on the looting and exploration aspects. For example, to find the right components to build weapon attachments, players have to loot. To find the next high-damage LMG, players have to loot. There are also collectibles in the way of SHD Tech, which help the player level up their abilities and perks, which are essential to survival. We suggest that between missions, players spend time waltzing around D.C., farming as much loot as they can to be the best that they can be.

Stay Ahead of the Mission’s Suggested Level


One thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of things to do outside of the main storyline, including side missions, random events, control points, and enemy checkpoints. All of these things will level the players up and reward them with new weapons, equipment, and perks. As the game gets harder, it becomes more pertinent for players to level themselves higher than the main mission’s suggested level. It might say that a level 17 is suggested, but that doesn’t mean that’s recommended either. Some missions, especially for solo players, can be grueling to push through, so being a higher level is always a great idea.

Play with Load-Outs


Unlike a lot of other online shooters, The Division 2 does not have specific classes for players to choose from. Instead, it allows gamers to create their own load-outs based on what weapons and tech they want to use. This encourages the player to toy with various weapons, attachments, and tech that feels best to them. It also encourages the use of weapons not normally used in other games. Never been interested in sniping? You’ll most likely find a sniper rifle in the wild, so why not try it. Can’t handle the recoil on an LMG? Gather the attachments necessary to help with stability and see how effective an M60 can be against waves of enemies. The tech abilities are also fun to play with, giving the player a variety of tools for survival. These include a drone with a machine gun, a small turret that helps to lay down suppressive fire, a chem launcher which can be used either for healing or optimal damage and even a defensive option in the way of a personal shield that still allows the player to use their weapons to fire back.

Discover Safe Houses Immediately

Safe Houses

Upon entering a new zone, the first thing to do is find the safe house and enter it, giving the player a fast-travel location. The last thing anyone wants to do is charge an enemy control point, die, and have nowhere to respawn within a decent vicinity (unlike missions, you can’t just respawn at a checkpoint. It has to be at an ally-controlled point). Once that’s done, attacking those points will be a piece of cake. When the enemy control points are taken and turned over to the allies, players can fast-travel to and from those points as well.