The Division 2: How To Unlock Skills and Perks

The Division 2

The Division 2 comes out soon, and there’s plenty of new game mechanics and missions to complete in the harsh landscape of Washington. D.C. It’s a city torn apart by gangs attempting to grab up territory, and a handful of Division agents who stuck around are trying to keep the peace. It’s easy, but with your help, you can bring a little more structure to this landscape. One of the tools you’re going to need to utilize to become a standout agent is skills and perks. These make your Division agent unique and complement what kind of role and playstyle you want to have. How do you go about unlocking them?

Unlocking Skills and Perks

Previously, in the first Division game, you had to open the three different wings attached to your base of operations to gain access to different skills and perks. This system works differently in The Division 2.

Now, you’re going to gain access to them immediately after the first mission when you answer the call agents within the White House send out. After you talk to the person still in charge, they’re going to instruct you to see the quartermaster, and from there, you’re going to have a chance to pick out your first set of skills and perks. You have eight different skills to choose from, so pick the ones you believe you’re going to need to use first.

Each of the skills comes with a different variant. For example, the turret skill allows you to deploy a small robot drone that acts independently of you, firing at any enemies that enter its line of sight. You could go with the standard version or choose to go with the sniper one. These two different variants act and shoot differently, so think about what you’re going to need moving forward before committing to one or the other. You’ll have the chance to unlock the other variants later on if you want.

The perk skill tree looks a little different, and there more here than on the skills page. Some of the perk slots also have tiers to them. For example, there’s a perk where you can receive additional XP for getting a headshot and the next level after that is by performing a multi-kill. Not all of them have different slots, such as the first two perks that allow you to carry an additional primary weapon and an additional skill.

You use SHD tech points to unlock perks, which you acquire from leveling up, and doing side missions in each area. It’s likely before the end of the game you’re going to obtain enough SHD points to unlock all of the perks you want.

Because you unlock these things first thing, it’s a great way to start the game rather than having you run around doing missions to acquire new skills. You have them all in front of you from the start.