World of Warcraft The Exalted: Reputation Guide


World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth introduced not only a new assortment of factions with whom players can earn reputation and rewards, but also two new tiers to their Exalted reputation. Players can now earn an achievement for reaching 80, 90 and 100 Exalted reputations, with new titles awarded at both 80 and 100. While there’s no reward at 90, at 100 you’ll earn not only a title but a mount, as well! You’ll earn many other titles on your way to 100 Exalted Reputations, including the following:

  • At 40 Exalted reputations, you’ll earn the title, “the Exalted.”
  • At 60 Exalted reputations, you’ll earn the title, “the Beloved.”
  • At 80 Exalted reputations, you’ll earn the title, “the Admired.”
  • At 100 Exalted reputations, you’ll earn the title, “the Esteemed.”

Reaching Exalted standing with 100 unique World of Warcraft factions is a feat. At this time, in Battle for Azeroth, there are only 103 possible factions that count towards this goal, three of which are no longer available: Zandalar Tribe, Shen’dralar, and Horde faction Vol’jin’s Spear (as well as the Alliance equivalent, Wrynn’s Vanguard). If you reached Exalted with these factions before they were removed, your progress will count toward the achievement. If not, you’re out of luck.

Therefore, there are only 100 remaining factions at this time to reach Exalted with. Thankfully, you’ll no longer have to earn all 100 reputations on a single character. Blizzard Entertainment have confirmed that the achievement will be updated to count reputations earned across all characters. However, you won’t be able to double-up on the reputations which require you to pick a side. So, for example, if you have one character at Exalted standing with The Scryers and another with The Aldor, it will still count as only one reputation. The same goes for faction-specific reputations, so if you have an Alliance character Exalted with 7th Legion and a Horde character exalted with Honorbound, it will still count as only one Exalted reputation.

You’ll have to currently be at the Exalted standing with a faction to count towards the achievement. For example, if you’ve reached Exalted with The Aldor, earned the achievement for doing so, then switched sides and reached Exalted with the Scryers, only the Scryers reputation will count toward the achievement.

Tips for questing, grinding, and farming your way to Exalted reputations

There are a handful of buffs and items you can use to increase your reputation gains with factions. Some such items and buffs are exclusive to specific factions, where others can be used to improve rewards with any faction. Additionally, there are many one-time use items that can be used to gain reputation with a specific faction, such as tokens awarded from mission table quests. Here are some tips and reminders that may help you in your reputation grind!

Take advantage of Battle for Azeroth’s contracts

In Battle for Azeroth, scribes (players with the Inscription profession), can now craft Contracts. These can be used to increase reputation with a specific faction by 10 for each World Quest completed in Kul’Tiras and Zandalar. It may not sound like much (it’s not), but the 10 extra reputation earned with a faction adds up over time. You can purchase these contracts on the Auction House for a small amount of gold, and the buff provided will last seven in-game days.

Complete your emissaries

If you’re looking to finish up Legion and Battle for Azeroth reputations, don’t forget to keep an eye on the available emissary quests. Completing the required four World Quests for an active emissary is a great way to get a substantial reputation reward for little time investment. Additionally, if the Kirin Tor emissary is available, you’ll not only receive Kirin Tor reputation reward, but can also choose a reputation token of your choice for many Broken Isles factions.

Getting lucky in Island Expeditions

While not the most reliable method of earning reputation, you’re likely already completing Island Expeditions weekly to receive your bonus Artifact Power reward. If you happen to get lucky with your rewards at the end of an Expedition, you may obtain a rare-quality item with a note to return it to a specific NPC. Don’t neglect the legwork of turning these in, as they award a nice chunk of reputation with a variety of BfA factions!

Participate in the World Quest Bonus Event

Keep an eye out for the World Quest Bonus Event, it offers a great opportunity to gain additional reputation with Legion factions. You can check the World of Warcraft event calendar in-game using the /calendar command. During the event, you’ll gain access to a quest that will award a buff granting +50% increased reputation gains from World Quests for the duration of the event. This buff will apply to any reputation amount awarded upon completion of a Legion World Quest completed. Unfortunately, this bonus reputation is not applied to Emissary rewards. There is a World Quest Bonus Event scheduled to start in October, but the in-game description currently still states “Broken Isles World Quests,” so there’s no word on whether or not Blizzard plans to update this event to offer benefits to those grinding out BfA’s factions.

Complete reputation token missions

Remember to check the various mission tables located inside your Garrison, Legion Class Hall, inside the Vindicaar over Argus, and in your faction’s BfA hub city. Occasionally, missions awarding reputation tokens will pop up, and many offer an additional, beefier reputation token if you can successfully earn the bonus reward by exceeding 100% success chance. These missions are incredibly helpful for Legion reputations, especially in efforts to earn reputation with the Argussian Reach, as a successful mission awarding both the base reputation token as well as the bonus token will award an impressive 1000 reputation!

Ride the Darkmoon carousel

If you’re planning to do any reputation grinding, especially those which require the mindless slaughtering of mobs, you may want to wait until the Darkmoon Faire is in town. You can check when the Faire is using the /calendar command. When it has arrived, simply head out to the Island, buy some Ride Tickets and take a spin on the Festival’s famous carousel. You’ll receive a buff that lasts for one hour and increases reputation gains by 10%. Again, not much of an increase, but every little bit counts!

Purchase and use a Battle Standard of Coordination

Often forgotten are Warcraft’s Guild Vendor rewards, available for purchase upon reaching various reputation levels with one’s Guild. One notable and easily available reward is the Battle Standard of Coordination, which can be purchased upon reaching Friendly with your guild and once the guild has earned the achievement A Daily Routine, requiring completion of 15,000 total World Quests as a guild. The Battle Standard of Coordination can be placed to increase reputation gains from mobs killed within 100 yards of the banner by 15%. The banner lasts fifteen minutes and has a ten minute cooldown, making it flexible enough to move from one camp to another when farming mobs.

Participate in the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event

If you’ve been sitting on a small hoard of Timewarped Badges, earned by completing event quests and dungeons during the Timewalking event, now’s your chance to exchange them for a platter of delicious Pandaria reputation. During this specific event, Mistweaver Xia, located on the Timeless Isle, offers a wide variety of rewards in exchange for Timewarped Badges, including pets, mounts, and most notably, reputation tokens for every Mists of Pandaria faction. These Commendation tokens offer the hefty reward of 300 reputation each, with the exception of the Emperor Shaohao tokens, which grant 500 reputation with the faction! If you’re looking to avoid the mindless mob grinding to appease the Emperor, now’s your chance.

Keep an eye out for World Quests with reputation token rewards

In BfA, reputation tokens have been replaced with instant reputation gains, but World Quests from Legion will still offer the physical tokens. Many of these tokens are Bind on account, meaning they can be traded to other characters on your account. Since you’ll need to earn all 100 reputations on one character, simply complete token-reward World Quests on your alt characters and mail them to you main. This is an extremely helpful tip for harder-to-grind factions such as Argussian Reach, though keep in mind you will need to have unlocked the Mac’Cree World Quests to gain access to such token quests.

Construct a Trading Post in your Warlords of Draenor Garrison

This one’s only helpful for Warlords of Draenor reputations, unfortunately, but building and upgrading a Trading Post to Level 3 offers a helpful +20% reputation bonus to reputation gains with all the factions of Draenor. You will have to have played a good bit of Warlords of Draenor’s content in order to be able to construct this building, but once you’ve got it up, it’s a great boost to help finish off those Draenor reputations, especially more annoying ones such as The Saberstalkers.

Reputations which don’t count towards Exalted achievements

It’s important to note that not all reputations shown in the in-game reputation panel actually count towards the “Exalted” achievements. Most of these are “Friendship” levels, which aren’t considered. These reputations aren’t considered towards 100 Exalted reputations:

  • Chromie
  • Conjurer Margoss
  • Nat Pagle
  • Tillers Farmers
  • Fishfriends
  • Brawl’gar Arena
  • Barracks Bodyguards