The fastest way to level up the new Rocket League battle pass

Get to level 100 faster than your friends.

With the introduction of the new Rocket League battle pass, players are eager to complete it before its conclusion on December 9. Since this battle pass officially marks season 1 of Rocket League, Psyonix decided to revamp the XP system completely. Not everyone is thrilled by the new XP system, however. It’s confusing, and many players have trouble figuring out which activities will give them the most XP. Here’s what you need to do every day to get the most out of your battle bass.

Season Challenges

The absolute best way to level up your battle pass is by completing season challenges, and you can access these by clicking ‘view challenges’ on the main menu. These challenges require you to perform specific tasks such as “Make it to the Quarter-Finals in 4 Psyonix scheduled Tournaments.” Each one of these challenges will give you a massive amount of XP, with the most demanding challenges giving you 20k XP. As a bonus, if you own the premium battle pass, you will unlock twice as many challenges to complete.

Weekly Challenges

On top of Season Challenges, you also have weekly challenges at your disposal. These also reward the player with a ton of XP. Many of these challenges will have you playing arcade modes or competing in tournaments, so be sure to have some variety in your gameplay to maximize your XP gain.

Daily Wins

The final essential way to quickly level up your battle pass is by completing your daily wins. Psyonix recently changed the weekly win XP bonus to a daily win XP bonus. This means each day, the first three games you win will give you 20k XP each. So be sure to log on every day and win at least three games.

If you consistently complete your seasonal challenges and get your three daily wins every day, you will get to battle pass level 100 in no time.