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The Great League Remix tier list in Pokémon Go – June 2022

The best Pokémon you could be using in the Great League Remix.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

The Great League Remix in Pokémon Go lets you use several Pokémon against other players. There are only a handful you cannot use in this competition, namely the top 20 Pokémon players used in previous Great League battles and any Pokémon that exceeds the 1,500 CP cap. You have several Pokémon options to select from, and we created a tier list to assist you. In this guide, we cover The Great League Remix tier list in Pokémon Go for June 2022.

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The Great League Remix tier list

Lead Pokémon tier list

Your Lead Pokémon is the first one you use while battling other trainers. You want your choice to be a mixture of decent defense stats, stamina, and to have some decent attack power to do enough damage against an opponent.

SBeedrill (Shadow), Diggersby, Drifblim, Gardevoir (Shadow), Granbull (Shadow), Lucario, Machamp (Shadow), and Mantine
ADewgong, Drapion (Shadow) Escavalier, Falinks, Pidgeot, Primeape, Registeel, and Whiscash
BClefable, Cresselia, Dragalge, Forretress, Ninetales (Shadow), Regirock, Steelix, and Zapdos (Shadow)
CAromatisse, Charizard, Drifblim, Lapras, Melmetal, Sirfetch’d, Slurpuff, and Wigglytuff
DArticuno, Golbat, Scizor (Shadow), Seviper, Sylveon, and Togekiss

Your Lead Pokémon should be able to deal enough damage to fight toe-to-toe with most Pokémon, but don’t be afraid to swap it out. Letting it faint too early is also a critical error.

Switch Pokémon tier list

Your Switch Pokémon will be the one you swap out for your Lead Pokémon. Depending on your timer and how you use your Switch Pokémon, it can also be used for your Closer. The Pokémon in this role typically is considered a glass cannon and does quite a bit of damage.

SBeedrill (Shadow), Cresselia, Diggersby, Drapion (shadow), Lickitung, Trevenant, Regirock, and Zangoose
AAriados, Castform (Snowy), Diggersby, Dragalge, Drapion (Shadow), Froslass, Lapras, and Sealeo (Shadow)
BCastform (Rainy), Dewgong, Mantine, Pidgeot, Skuntank, Snorlax, Steelix, and Zangoose
CAbomasnow, Ariados, Gligar, Gliscor, Golbat, Greedent, Machamp, and Zapdos
DDusclops (Shadow), Electivire, Gallade (Shadow), Granbull (Shadow), Melmetal, Samurott, Perrserker, and Wailmer

You want to compare this Pokémon to the other choices. You want to ensure that its weaknesses don’t line up too closely with your other Pokémon and that it requires one shield to function properly. Some trainer battles may mean it needs both of your shields to do the most damage.

Closer Pokémon tier list

The Closer Pokémon will be the last Pokémon on your roster. You want to use it to protect against the last Pokémon your opponent is using, and it’s your final line of defense. Therefore, the Pokémon in this role should have a large amount of defense and stamina.

SExcadrill, Froslass, Hitmontop, Lanturn, Machamp (Shadow), Regice, Regirock, and Registeel
AAlolan Raichu, Electivire, Falinks, Hariyama, Ludicolo, Magneton (Shadow), Mewtwo (Shadow), and Whiscash
BBlaziken, Heracross, Ho-Oh, Meganium, Melmetal, Primeape, Sirfetch’d, and Wormadam (Trash)
CCastform (Sunny), Cradily, Lugia, Ninetales, Perrserker, Shiftry (Shadow), SKuntank, and Torkoal
DEmpoleon, Forretress (Shadow), Gengar, Magmar (Shadow), Magmortar (Shadow), Poliwrath (Shadow), Toxicroak, and Uxie

Your final Pokémon should not require the use of any of your shields. You want to reserve all of those for your Lead or Switch Pokémon.

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