The Holiday Cup 2021 tier list in Pokémon Go

The best Pokémon to use in the Holiday Cup 2021 for Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

The end of the year has arrived to Pokémon Go, and with it, the Holiday Cup 2021 returns. You’ll be able to use any Pokémon, so long as they are a Grass, Ghost, Electric, Ice, Flying, or Normal-type Pokémon, and they do not exceed the 1,500 CP requirement. You only have a handful of choices with these requirements, which means you want to use the best Pokémon available to you. In this guide, we’re going to share the best Pokémon for the Lead, Switch, and Closer role in this Holiday Cup 2021 tier list for Pokémon Go.

Holiday Cup 2021 tier list

Best Lead Pokémon tier list

The Lead Pokémon will be the first one you use during the battle. It’s primarily the heavy hitter that opens up the engagement. These are some of the best choices you want to use in the Lead role.

SAlolan Graveler, Alolan Ninetales, Charizard, Magnezone, Talonflame, Trevenant, and Wigglytuff
AAlolan Marowak, Altaria, Castform (Snowy), Diggersby, Ho-Oh, Obstagoon, Pachirisu, and Vigoroth
BAbomasnow, Dragonite, Lanturn, Lapras, Snorlax, Stunfisk, Togekiss, and Whimsicott
CArticuno, Gliscor, Golbat, Greedent, Haunter, Moltres, Sealeo, Skarmory
DCrobat, Electrode, Fletchinder, Lickilicky, Lugia, Raichu, Roserade, and Zapdos

Best Switch Pokémon tier list

Your Switch Pokémon will be swapped out of combat from your Lead Pokémon. You typically want it to be the one that’s available to counterattack any weaknesses for the Lead Pokémon, and it typically does the most damage. Make sure to reserve one or two shields for this choice. These are some of the best choices for the Switch role.

SElectivire, Froslass, Obstagoon, Snorlax, Trevenant, Vigoroth, Zangoose, and Zebstrika
AAlolan Marowak, Alolan Raichu, Charizard, Dewgong, Greedent, Lapras, Pachirisu, and Wigglytuff
BAbomasnow, Cradily, Dedenne, Galvantula, Pelipper, Sealeo, Talonflame, and Tangrowth
CAlolan Ninetales, Beartic, Gligar, Gliscor, Golbat, Raichu, Tangrowth, and Zapdos
DDusclops, Gyarados, Lickitung, Luxio, Mandibuzz, Piloswine, Togekiss, and Vespiquen

Best Closer Pokémon tier list

The Closer Pokémon is the Pokémon in your roster. It’s the final defense you have against your opponent, so you want to make sure it’s capable of dealing damage against other opponents, but it can take a hit too. This Pokémon typically doesn’t require any shields. These are some of the best choices for you to use in the Closer role.

SAltaria, Froslass, Lanturn, Magnezone, Pachirisu, Raikou, Regice, and Skarmory
AAlolan Graveler, Alolan Raichu, Castform (Snowy), Diggersby, Electivire, Ho-Oh, Piloswine, and Sableye
BAlolan Ninetales, Alolan Sandslash, Ampharos, Dedenne, Glalie, Manectric, Raichu, and Weavile (Shadow)
CCharizard, Magneton, Mamoswine, Mandibuzz, Stunfisk, Talonflame, Trevenant, and Zapdos
DChesnaught, Cofagrigus, Honchkrow, Jellicent, Litleo, Luxray, Shiftry, and Venusaur