The Hollow Knight Silksong clown meme, explained

Sad clown noises.

Image via Luiserx16

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To say that Silksong has a hyped-up community is a massive understatement. Hollow Knight fans have been waiting for a sequel for some years now, and while we know it’s definitely in development, we’ve yet to see the game in action or learn any sort of release date.

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The energy is rising yet again with Summer Game Fest on the horizon, with fans thinking Silksong could be part of the show due to a Twitter exchange. As such, you’re likely going to see a certain image of a clown on a bench (pictured at the top of this article) circulating again. Here’s what it means.

The original clown meme explained

Understanding the excitement around the game is where the explanation starts. It’s been three years since the sequel was announced, and in that time there have been numerous opportunities for a trailer or additional information. Several Nintendo Indie World showcases and other industry events have taken place — developer Team Cherry had to even outright say that Silksong would not be at E3 2021.

You may have seen image the image of the titular Knight dressed like a clown on Twitter, Reddit, and other internet outlets around those same events. Every time another show goes by without Silksong news, fans post the image, often without any outside context. The context is this: they feel like clowns for thinking the game would be shown off. It’s a self-deprecating joke, implying that the joke is in fact on them.

More clowns, more memes

Since the original image of the clown on the bench began circulating, offshoots of the meme have also begun making the rounds. You might see other images of clowns with mocking text about the sequel, or even a version that shows Silksong protagonist Hornet herself in the clown makeup and wig. Now whether you see the original image or a spin-off, you’ll be in on the joke too.