Hollow Knight Silksong fans think the game could be part of Summer Game Fest thanks to marketing tweet

Threading the needle once again.

Image via Team Cherry

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To label Silksong fans as long-suffering would be an understatement. The Hollow Knight sequel was first teased three years ago, and since that time, the community has heard and seen next to nothing. However, with every new gaming showcase comes another chance for news, and that’s what’s happening here thanks to Summer Game Fest.

Summer Game Fest proprietor Geoff Keighley tweeted about “seeing a good world premiere arrive in [his] inbox.” That is an innocuous statement on its own, but video game marketer and publisher Matthew Griffin’s response has raised some eyebrows. He jokingly “approve[s] of the tease” Keighley made, which is again innocent enough — until you look at Griffin’s resume. Checking Griffin’s Twitter bio, you’ll see two games called out: Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight Silksong and Mongoose Rodeo’s Crownsworn. That attachment to Silksong is enough to get fans thinking the time has finally come.

Ensuing threads on ResetEra and Reddit are full of people crossing their fingers, hoping to learn something new about Silksong. “I can feel it in my bones,” says White Glint in the ResetEra thread. “Sits patiently with circus music playing,” jokes capitaine_d on Reddit. On the flip side, there are plenty of folks tempering their expectations. Many point out that Griffin’s knowing response could just as easily refer to Crownsworn, the other game under his marketing purview.

At this point, we don’t know anything about the much-anticipated indie game’s release date, and we’ve yet to even see a gameplay demo. Excitement has been at a fever pitch for so long that sometimes Team Cherry has to definitively say when the game won’t be a part of a show. That was the case at E3 2021.

The best course of action for those hoping to see Silksong is to simply tune in to the Summer Game Fest and watch the showcase. The core event runs from Thursday, June 9 through Sunday, June 12. The showcase will air in IMAX theaters for those looking to see everything on the big screen.