Tears of the Kingdom – All Bargainer Statue Locations

The Bargainer Statues are helpful beings that are willing to trade you Poes in Tears of the Kingdom, and we have all locations.


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The Bargainer Statues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are useful for you to find, and they offer a variety of unique rewards for you if you’re willing to give them Poes. These are the glowing creatures you find in the Depths that you can collect and then bring back to them.

There are six Bargainer Statues in Tears of the Kingdom for you to find, each at a unique location. Although you can speak with a Bargainer Statue to offer it 10 Poes for a precise location of another in Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve documented all the information you need to save this useful currency. These locations are difficult to find, and we hope you’re prepared to explore the Depths to find them.

Where to Find All Bargainer Statues in Tears of the Kingdom

The Bargainer Statues won’t be available to you immediately in Tears of the Kingdom. Instead, make sure to speak with Purah when you first arrive and go through the quest involving the Depths called Camera Work in the Depths, and unlock the camera. From here, you can interact with the first Bargainer Statue, which is at Lookout Landing.

From here, you’ll need to find the remaining six in the Depths, and tracking them down can be challenging, as this is one of the tougher regions in the game.

These are all of the Bargainer Statue locations in Tears of the Kingdom, and how to quickly find them. We hope you bring plenty of Gloom healing items to prepare for these adventures.

Bargainer Statue LocationBargainer StatueDescriptionCoordinates
Lookout Landing Bargainer StatueYou can find this one at Lookout Landing, in the main.-0252, 01534, 0020
Cliff Bargainer StatueThis one is deep in the Depths, on the northwest side of the map. You’ll need to climb up a large root and reach the Yisuayam Lightroot to find it.-1057, 2682, -0351
Plains Bargainer Statue You can find this one relatively close to the start of where you begin searching in the Depths. It will be to the northeast of the Stakijat Lightroot.0437, -0805, -0472
Courage Bargainer StatueYou can find this one to the north of the Wellspring of Courage in the Depths, to the south of the Muokuij Lightroot, and close to the far south of the Depths.0863, -2406, -0393
Wellspring of Power Bargainer StatueThis Bargainer Statue is to the northwest of the Akinatanis Lightroot, close to the East Akkala Plains Chasm in Akkala.3705, 2599, -0416
Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer StatueYou can find this one above the Wellspring of Wisdom, to the northwest of the Lanayru Canyon Mine. We had to use the Ascend Ability to reach it.3850, -1330, -0858