Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get & Use Poes

Tears of the Kingdom players can collect Poes in the Depths to spend on special items like the Dark Tunic.

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Poes are back in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, though this time, they aren’t nearly as malevolent a force as previous entries. In their latest iteration, they’re simply the souls of the dead unable to properly pass on (or so it seems), and while you can still collect them, they’re far more numerous than they’ve been in the past. They don’t seem to have personalities this time, but they remain helpful on your adventures. This guide covers where you can find Poes and how to use them.

How to Find Poes in TotK

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Poes only exist in the Tears of the Kingdom Depths deep below the surface of Hyrule, where it’s dark and dank – you’ll need plenty of Brightblood Seeds to light your way. Poes tend to congregate in small groups of twenty or so individuals, and they’re not aggressive. All you need to do is run up and pick them up. Your A button will get a workout, but you’ll want to do it so you collect as many as possible.

Poes won’t run away from you either, as they’re wayward spirits, so don’t worry about having to chase them. They come in different varieties as well, with rarer ones providing more “units” of Poe. Large Poes give five Poe units, and Grand Poes provide a whopping 20 units. Depending on how much time you spend in the Tears of the Kingdom Depths, you might leave with only a few dozen or, if you get lost like I did, several hundred. Depending on what you want to buy with them, you’ll want to spend a bit of time farming.

How to Spend Poes & get the Dark Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom

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Once you have a collection of Poes in your inventory, return to Lookout Landing after completing the Camera Work in the Depths quest. Near where Robbie and Josha spend their time is an odd looking statue. Pray to it, and it will explain Poes to you, then offer a small but valuable selection of Tears of the Kingdom items, including the Dark Tunic.

You can also buy the following:

  • 10 Dark Clumps for 10 Poes each, which provide gloom resistance when added to cooking.
  • 99 Muddle Buds for 16 Poes each, which can confuse enemies they strike, whether thrown or delivered via arrow.
  • 99 Puffshroom for 16 Poes each, which release huge clouds of spores when disturbed, making for easier getaways.
  • 99 Bomb Flowers for 16 Poes each, which, as their name suggests, explode on contact with the enemy or a surface.
  • 1 Dark Tunic for 150 Poes. No known special effects, but it looks cool.

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