Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Hebra’s Colossal Fossil

Ancient bones lie waiting to be discovered by Link in Tears of the Kingdom, but there’s more to Hebra’s Colossal Fossil than meets the eye.


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Hebra’s Colossal Fossil is the second side quest in the archaeological questline in Tears of the Kingdom. After finding and solving the puzzle at Eldin’s Colossal Fossil, Link is told where a second leviathan fossil is located. Once there, a new puzzle presents itself, much more devious than the last. This guide explains how to complete Hebra’s Colossal Fossil, so Link can get on with the more serious business of saving Hyrule.

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Where to Find Hebra’s Colossal Fossil

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Upon completion of Eldin’s Colossal Fossil, Link is given a quest marker on the Purah Pad for the exact location of Hebra’s Colossal Fossil at map coordinates -3824, 3603, 0257. On our way there from Rospro Pass Skyview Tower near Rito Village, we stumbled upon a Frost Gleeok that flies around the area between the Skyview Tower and the leviathan fossil. Link was frozen to death with every attempt to kill the beast, so in the end, we just ran for the cave and hoped for the best. This seems to be the best tactic for those that haven’t got the best armor for Link just yet.

How to Complete Hebra’s Colossal Fossil

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To complete Hebra’s Colossal Fossil, Link must find the two missing bones for the leviathan’s skeleton and reattach them. When Link arrives at the fossil’s location, it’s possible to speak to Loone, the character who is so fascinated with the fossils around Hyrule, to learn which bones are missing from this leviathan. The first is a fin bone that’s pretty visible on the left-hand side of the cave, sticking out of some rocks.

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To get this fin bone, use Bomb Flowers or a weapon fused with a stone to smash the rocks around it. There are Bomb Flowers in the cave that Link can use, but we found that it’s possible to ignore them and just use a weapon with a stone at the end. Link did have to make a few jumping attacks, but the fin bone dropped out eventually.

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To attach this fin bone to the rest of the leviathan, use Ultrahand to drag it over to the main fin on the right-hand side of the cave and position it as seen in the image above. The curve of the fin bone should face to the right, the front of the fin.

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The second bone Link needs to find is a vertebra for its spine. This is encased in a block of ice at the back of the cave, which is pretty challenging if Link doesn’t have the equipment to make a fire with him. It’s possible to go back to Loone and light a stick on fire so Link can use that to melt the ice. However, we decided that we’d throw loads of wood at the base of the block and light it on fire with a Fire Fruit to get the vertebra out.

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The vertebra needs to be placed in the leviathan’s skeleton as seen in the image above. The edges, which look a bit like fins, need to be placed with the diagonal edge facing toward the body of the rest of the skeleton.

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After attaching both bones to the skeleton, Link can complete Hebra’s Colossal Fossil by speaking to Loone. She’ll reward him with 50 Rupees and unlock the final fossil side quest, Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil. Loone will add a map marker on the Purah Pad for this.