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The Little Cup tier list in Pokémon Go – March 29, 2023

What are some of the best Pokémon to use in the Little Cup?

The Little Cup has arrived in Pokémon Go, and this smaller competition will give you a chance to use some of the Pokémon you may typically overlook when using them in the mobile game. This will take place for a limited time, where you can test your skills against other Pokémon players, but you want to ensure you use the best Pokémon against them. This guide covers the tier list for the Little Cup Pokémon Go battle league competition and what Pokémon you should be using.

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The best Pokémon for the Little Cup

It’s important to note that the Pokémon you use for these battles cannot exceed 500 CP. In addition, you want to make sure that you use only Pokémon that can evolve, but the Pokémon has not entered their evolved form yet. These are the best Pokémon that you should consider using for the Little Cup.

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The Lead tier list for the Little Cup

The Lead Pokémon on your team will be the first you use against your opponent. When you toss it out, make sure it has a decent defense stat, and you can optimize it to protect against multiple unique resistances. You should expect to make your Lead Pokémon a flexible option, capable of having a high enough attack power that it doesn’t have the worst defenses. You should also expect to reserve at least one shield for this Pokémon, or you can swap it with the other Pokémon on your team early in a fight.

SBronzor, Deino, Ducklett, and Wynaut
AShelmet, Jangmo-o, Onix, and Stunky
BCottonee, Eevee, Gligar, and Nidoran (Female)
CAlolan Vulpix, Dratini, Spritzee, and Wooper
DAlolan Grimer, Amaura, Dewpider, and Nosepass

The Switch tier list for the Little Cup

The Switch option will typically be the one you swap with your main Pokémon. This Pokémon should serve as a counter for most of your Lead Pokémon’s weaknesses. It might also want a higher attack power than the standard Pokémon on your team, capable of quickly building up its energy to unleash its charged attacks.

SBronzor, Ducklett, Eevee, and Wynaut
AGalarian Zigzagoon, Gligar, Lickitung, and Shelmet
BAlolan Vulpix, Chikorita, Munchlax, and Stunky
CDeino, Hisuian Qwilfish, Igglybuff, and Seel
DDewpider, Lotad, Mareep, and Vulpix

The Closer tier list for the Little Cup

The Closer on your Pokémon team should be reserved for the last battle. You don’t want to bring this Pokémon out too early, and it should be the most robust option on your roster. You want to make sure it has a high defense stat and an even more robust amount of health, making it difficult to take down as it serves as your last line of defense when battling against another trainer.

SBronzor, Ducklett, Spearow, and Wynaut
ADeino, Doduo, Magnemite, and Natu
BFerroseed, Pawniard, Shelmet, and Snorunt
CAlolan Vulpix, Amaura, Galarian Zigzagoon, and Shieldon
DFomantis, Lickitung, Nidoran (Male), and Riolu

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