The Master of Disguise case guide – Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Ms. Nini is hard to work with.

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Sherlock needs to learn to become the master of disguise. To do this, he must first make a police sketch for a rather unhelpful older woman named Ms. Nini. When you reach the Cordona Police Station, the man behind the front desk will tell you about Ms. Nini. It’s now your job to dress to impress and get a look that resembles a thief’s.

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After visiting the police station, you will need to go to Ms. Nini’s Atelier. It is located at the corner of Knight Road and Trinity Way. Go out of the police station and turn right. Take the first street on the right and go to the cross street. Take a look at the map above for reference.

Once you arrive at the shop, head inside to meet Ms. Nini. She will describe the thief in a very unhelpful way. It’s no wonder the sketch artist was having trouble working with her. Sherlock will suggest dressing up as the thief instead of sketching them. Ms. Nini will accept, and you can head into the backroom to collect some clothing.

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Drab the five different disguise bundles off the first two shelves in the backroom. They are on the shelves and the chair in the room. From here, dress like a total ruffian. If you get the look wrong, Ms. Nini will give you a bit more of a description so you can further change the look.

The following disguise items are needed to complete the look of the thief:

  • Ugly Beige Suit
  • Bowler Hat
  • Square Glasses
  • Pencil Moustache
  • Fake Bruises
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Once Sherlock has been dressed in this combination of clothing, talk to Ms. Nini, and she will tell you that you look exactly like the thief. Sherlock will make a quick sketch of the thief, and the case will be solved.