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The 10 most fun monsters to hunt in the Monster Hunter games

The great hunt is upon you.

The Monster Hunter series goes back a long way, starting on the PlayStation 2 and seeing new releases on the PlayStation 5 and everything else. No matter what platforms this long-running franchise appears on or which version of the Monster Hunter they use, one thing that stays the same is that big monsters are the game’s real stars. This guide will list the ten most fun monsters to hunt in the Monster Hunter games.

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The 10 most fun monsters to hunt in Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter games feature hundreds of monsters and even more if you count all of each monster’s unique variants. This list will start from the least fun to the most fun monster to hunt across all of the Monster Hunter games.

10: Great Jagras

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Great Jagras is an oversized iguana who introduces every player to Monster Hunter World. Despite the series going back a long time, Monster Hunter World truly revolutionized the formula and served as many fans’ first real monster-hunting experience. Great Jagras is the perfect beginner fight. It looks cool, teaches the mechanics, has an okay armor set, and is a sign of more giant and ferocious monsters to hunt down the road.

9: Pukei-Pukei

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Pukei-Pukei was one of several monsters that debuted in Monster Hunter World, and this poison-filled creature is fun to learn and take down. Pukei-Pukei is the first real monster that can hit you with poison and serves as a tutorial for dealing with negative status effects during a prolonged fight. This creature can also get its tail sliced off, and breaking that tail during a long poison-filled fight is exhilarating every time. Pukei-Pukei also has a memorable look and has gone on to appear in numerous Monster Hunter games since.

8: Khezu

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Whether it’s Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Stories, the Khezu is a questionable-looking but memorable creature that everybody will remember vividly after their first hunt. It’s off-putting and looks deceiving because it’s quite deadly despite the simplistic visual design. Khezu is capable of shock damage, and the fun comes from learning its patterns and putting it down no matter how many times it gets back up.

7: Nergigante

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Nergigante debuted during Monster Hunter World and is a formidable end-game boss. Nergigante’s thick armor and massive horns feel like Capcom wanted to make a monster form of Akuma, as this creature has a very similar presence to the master of the dark hadou. Nergigante is a formidable opponent, and you will have memorable set-piece battles with it throughout the game. When you finally take it down, it’s a satisfying feeling that is hard to match, on top of its weapons and armor being worthy of repeat hunts.

6: Odogaron

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Odogaron is yet another large monster that debuted in Monster Hunter World. Still, it serves as an excellent reminder of the type of creature that wasn’t possible on handheld systems and old hardware. Odogaron is a sleek, lethal creature that is highly aggressive and vicious. This crimson red armor also allows players to craft an incredible Oni Demon-inspired armor set, and learning how to take this monster down is a fun and thrilling experience each time.

5: Diablos

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Diablos goes back to the first Monster Hunter and is considered a legacy monster that has appeared in almost every game in the series since. Diablos is often presented as the first real brick wall designed to teach players the difference between a large animal and a mighty dragon. Diablos has signature horns and can burrow underground and cart your entire team within a matter of moments. Learning to overcome this dragon and mastery over its attack patterns make Diablos a fun hunt, no matter how seasoned you are.

4: Rathian

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Rathian is a classic Monster Hunter creature, and this green wyvern packs a wallop. It serves as a bridge to the end-game hunts players will be farming for great weapons and rare armor sets. Rathian is a cousin to the bigger, more popular Rathalos, but the thrill of hunting a Rathian is just as fun. Just be mindful of calling it the less popular of the two to its face.

3: Rathalos

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Rathalos is the more prominent and cooler relative of the Rathian and firmly serves as the marquee creature and mascot for the Monster Hunter series. This creature has deadly poison and fire attacks, an impressive black and red pattern coating, and a terrifying roar. Learning to hunt Rathalos is a rite of passage for every Monster Hunter player, regardless of which game you decide to play in the series. Rathalos also serves as your companion in the Monster Hunter Stories titles.

2: Rajang

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Rajang is one of the most frustrating enemies across the entire Monster Hunter series to fight the first time. Its speed and long-range beam attacks more than resemble a particular blond-haired anime hero, but Rajang is anything but a friendly goofball. Halfway through the fight, Rajang can transform into a golden ball of lightning and shoot beams across the battlefield. On top of its speed and power, this hunt is an excellent example of how diverse fights can be, and once you master Rajang, nothing can truly stand in your way.

1: Anjanath

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Let’s just cut to the chase; Anjanath is popular because it’s a giant T-Rex with fire breath. This is also why Anjanath is always a great hunt every time. It packs the right mix of imposing size and ferocity, but it is never the most brutal fight in the game. This makes hunting Anjanath a delight, as each time you take one down, it feels like a triumph. Even better, in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you can capture a baby Anjanath and eventually ride it, which truly takes Anjanath to the top of the fun monster charts.

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