The Most Realistic Birth Mods for The Sims 4

Let’s face it, childbirth in The Sims 4 isn’t the most true to life. Thankfully, these realistic childbirth mods are here to help

Sims 4 Baby Shower

Image via EA

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The Sims 4 may be a life sim, but that doesn’t mean every aspect of gameplay is realistic. In particular, Sims 4 fans are always on the lookout for realistic birth mods to make pregnancy and childbirth more true-to-life.

In the base game for Sims 4, your pregnant Sim pretty much disappears off to the hospital and comes home with an infant in tow. While you can go with your Sim to the hospital, many simmers would still like a more authentic and varied experience when it comes to birth in the game. That’s where these realistic birth mods for Sims 4, listed in order of the life cycle of a pregnancy, come into play.

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Pre-Pregnancy: The Cycle Mod

Cycle Mod Realistic Childbirth Sims 4
Image via NeonOcean on ModTheSims

Before your Sim even gets pregnant, there are plenty of ways to add realism to the process. Fertility is complicated, and The Cycle Mod by NeonOcean lets your game reflect that by giving your Sims a menstrual cycle to track and navigate when trying to have a baby. This mod also makes accidental pregnancy a possibility and adds birth control options to the game for those Sims who are trying to remain child-free by choice.

If you’re looking to make the process of becoming pregnant more realistic from the start, this mod is a great addition to the Sims 4.

During Pregnancy: Realistic Pregnancy Symptoms Mod

Realistic Pregnancy Symptoms Mod The Sims 4
Image via Wicked Pixxel on Patreon

The Realistic Pregnancy Symptoms mod by Wicked Pixxel ensures your Sims have the most authentic pregnancy experience possible. While The Sims 4 does include some pregnancy symptoms for Sims with a little one in the oven, this mod adds a more robust list of symptoms and makes them more frequent.

Symptoms added by this mod create moodlets that impact your Sim to various degrees. These pregnancy moodlets include More Gas than Usual, Frequent Urination, and Pelvic Pain, among others. If you want your pregnant Sim to feel more realistically impacted by carrying a child, this mod is a perfect fit.

During Pregnancy: Pregnancy Time Mod

Havem's Pregnancy Time Mod for Sims 4 realistic childbirth
Image via Havem on ModTheSims

Another aspect of childbirth in The Sims 4 that makes it unrealistic is the duration of pregnancy. If you’d prefer to better mimic the 9-month gestation period of a human baby in your game, Havem’s Pregnancy Time mod will let you extend the duration of pregnancy in your game.

Alternatively, if the pregnancy part isn’t your jam, this mod will also let you shorten the length of time that your Sim remains pregnant. It’s helpful if you’re tackling a legacy challenge where you need the most infants in the shortest amount of time.

Comprehensive Pregnancy Mod: Realistic Childbirth Mod

The Realistic Childbirth Mod Sims 4
Image via PandaSama on Patreon

The Realistic Childbirth Mod by PandaSama is the go-to mod for all-around more realistic birth in The Sims 4. This comprehensive childbirth mod adds a ton of features to the birthing process to give players more options for how their Sim will navigate birth.

Some key features include options for getting an ultrasound while pregnant, more pregnancy-related interactions with other Sims, and interactions during childbirth itself, like asking for an epidural or updates on dilation. This mod also adds birth emergencies, which can cause your Sim to require an urgent C-section and options for inducing labor, such as bouncing on a yoga ball.

Post-Birth Pregnancy Mod: Strech Marks Mod

Stretch Marks Mod realistic pregnancy Sims 4
Image via Katybug273 on ModTheSims

After giving birth, Sims just kind of magically reset to their pre-pregnancy body. As anyone who’s had kids or knows someone who has is aware, that is not authentic in the least. With the Stretch Marks Mod by Katybug273, you can give your Sim a more realistic post-birth body with the option to add stretch marks.

There are several different options for stretch mark placement, and the animation looks impressively authentic to real-life stretch marks. You can even add these to Sims who have never had kids because, let’s be honest, some of us childfree humans out there have them, too.

From start to finish, these realistic birth mods for The Sims 4 can give you and your Sims a more lifelike, less cartoonish pregnancy experience.