The Outer Worlds Attributes Guide – What they Are and What They Do


What is going to make your character stand out and different from all the others? Their attributes. In The Outer Worlds, you’re to start by choosing what’s going to define your character with their attributes. These are going to determine several of their starting stats and make it easier to figure out what they’re good at. Now, you can break away from these attributes while you play the game, but it’s going to take a bit of time and effort. Here’s what we know about attributes and what else they affect in the game.

The Outer Worlds Attributes Guide

Attributes in the game are broken up into three different categories, with two different options under them. You have Body, Mind, and Personality. Each of them determines how well you’re going to do in a specific aspect of the game. For example, the Body category is going to boil down to how well your character fares in combat. There are two different aspects to focus on that determine specific things.

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You’re going to choose the base stats for these choices at the beginning, but they’re going to change over time while you play the game.



Do you want to move around with a sense of agility and guile? Look no further than having some decent dexterity. This option is going to provide you with a degree of quickness to make your character’s movement and speed look effortless.

Putting points into this attribute determine the overall speed of your melee attacks and how quickly you can reload your ranged weapon.

Skills affected by Dexterity: 1-handed melee, block, dodge, handguns, lockpick, and sneak


Do you want to walk into the room and lift the most massive object in a room to toss it at someone? You can make your character the toughest person in the room by giving them the biggest muscles they could walk around within the game.

Putting points into this attribute is going to determine how much damage your melee weapon does during a fight and how much your character can carry in their inventory.

Skills affected by Strength: 1-handed melee, 2-handed melee, block, heavy weapons, inspiration, and intimidate



Being the smartest person in the room has its perks. You’re going to be able to pick apart a person’s argument with cold, hard logic, and you’re going to lean on science as your biggest asset. It pays to know what’s in a book before you open it up.

Putting points into this attribute is going to determine how much bonus damage your character’s critical hits do when you land them.

Skills affected by Intelligence: Determination, hack, long guns, medical, persuade, and science


Do you think your character takes notice of all the small details during a situation? If nothing gets past them, they’re going to notice the little, finer details happening with a person or a room. Having keen eyes comes with plenty of positives, and taking notice of those details can make it easier to get out of a tough situation.

Putting points into this attribute is going to determine how much your damage your character’s headshot and weak spot does.

Skills affected by Perception: Dodge, engineering, handguns, heavy weapons, lockpick, and long guns



Talking quick and making it feel like the other person benefitted from your conversation is the best way always to have a situation end happily. A higher charm is going to make it better for your character to convince another they might entirely be correct, but they’re going to convince them in a kind manner.

Putting points into this attribute is going to determine how much faction reputation your character gets and the cooldown for your character’s companions abilities.

Skills affected by Charm: Hack, inspiration, intimidate, persuade, science


Sometimes, going subtle and being kind does not go well for everyone. Some people are more aggressive than others, and they need to shout and scream, so everyone knows they’re there. However, others are good at keeping these emotions in check and bottling them up. Having a decent temperament can save lives.

Putting points into this attribute is going to determine how good your character’s natural health regeneration is going to be in the game.

Skills affected by Temperament: 2-handed melee, determination, engineering, lie, medical, and sneak

Those are all of the attributes you’re going to need to know about when you start the game. If you want your character to be good or bad at certain things, make sure to double-check their overall attributes before jumping into the game. Making a specific attribute bad or good could determine how much trouble they have at certain things during the start of the game.

The Outer Worlds is going to release to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and to the PC through the Epic Games Store on Oct. 25.