The Outer Worlds – The Long Tomorrow – Should You Give The Medicine To Abernathy Or Esther?


The Outer Worlds has a lot of NPCs to talk to, and a lot of missions to do. Some need a whole lot of help, while others need a little assistance to keep society running smoothly. As you enter Edgewater for the first time, you will meet Silas. It is his job to look after the graveyard and make sure all the people in Edgewater are paying their dues. Some folks have been late with a payment, so Silas asks you to help him out.

The Outer Worlds – Should You Give The Medicine To Abernathy Or Esther?

When you go to meet Abernathy to collect his dues, he tells you that he is sick. He hands over the money pretty quickly, but he is anxious about having the plague. He asks you to check the local community center, find some drugs he knows are there, and bring them back to him.

When you leave his house, Esther is outside waiting for you, with an alternative use for the medicine. If you give it to her, she can use it to treat more people than just old Abernathy, and she lets you know that the old man is a hypochondriac, prone to see illness in himself when none exists.

Community Center Map

You will find the Community Center to the norther-east of Edgewater. It is located in a small, shutdown town. There will be some Marauders around, both inside and outside the building, so be careful. Head into the building and search it fully, you will find the medicine in a medical room on the ground floor.

Head back to Edgewater, and then make your decision about who gets the medicine. GIving it to Esther will get you a reputation increase with Spacer’s Choice, 700 Bits, and 7000 XP. You can also charm or threaten her for more money.

If you give it to Abernathy, you will get Spacer’s Choice reputation, 500 Bits, and 6000 XP. As such, it makes more sense to give it to Esther, as the old man may not even be ill.

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