The Outer Worlds – How To Unlock SAM As A Companion – Cleaning Machine Quest


You can first find SAM when you get the Unreliable up and running in The Outer Worlds. Head up the stairs towards the Captain’s Quarters and keep going, and you will find SAM in an alcove in the hallway. He is not working at the moment, so you will need to find a way to get him started. If you do, you are going to unlock SAM as a Companion and bring him on missions with you.

The Outer Worlds – How To Unlock SAM As A Companion

First, interact with SAM when you find him to start up the Cleaning Machine quest. You then need to go downstairs and talk to ADA, the ship’s computer. She will tell you Hawthorne brought it on board, but never got it working.

She advises you to check the terminal in the Captain Quarters for information about what to do with SAM. Go upstairs and interact with the terminal. Hit the “search for mentions of SAM” option, and read all the entries about him.

You will need to find an Acid Steeper, which is in Roseway, on Terra 2. Head for the navigation terminal and make your way to the Roseway landing pad on Terra 2.

Storage Facility Ground Floor

You will need to make your way to the storage facility, and when you go inside, search for the Acid Steeper. The quest waypoint shows you that you need to get through a locked door. You’re going to need a key to do so. Head for the point shown on the map above, it will lead you to a stairway to the second floor.

Upstairs Storage Facility

From there, head into the back to a room with a blackboard on the wall. There’s a body lying against the wall below it. You will find the keycard here. Return to the locked door, open it and grab the Acid Sweeper. The exact location is by the blue player marker in the image above.

Head back to the Unreliable, interact with SAM to place the Acid Sweeper, and he will come to life and start cleaning the ship. You will now be able to choose him as a companion when you leave the ship. SAM will provide you with a +10 bonus to Intimidate, and +20 Damage to Automechanical enemies.

His ability allows him to jump in the air and slam down on enemies, covering them in acid. This acid does Corossive damage and does extra damage to Automechanicals and damages over time. The slam attack will also knockdown enemies, making them unable to act for a small duration.