The Outer Worlds – Sneaking And Stealth Attack Guide


The Outer Worlds, while being filled with beautiful guns, also provides plenty of room to sneak and go for stealth attacks. If you want, you can build your character as a truly silent ninja type, and sneak around the world like a ghost.

The Outer Worlds – Sneaking And Stealth Attack Guide

Stealth Skill

To sneak, all you have to do is crouch. This action makes it more difficult for enemies to spot you, and you make less noise. If you have a Companion with you, they will automatically start to sneak when you do. You can also use long brush and plants to your advantage, and hide in them away from prying eyes.

You can level up your Stealth ability, which includes Sneak, Hack, and Lockpick skills. All these allow you to move to places you shouldn’t be, and steal things you shouldn’t have. The increase to Sneak means enemies will find it harder and harder to spot you, so this is well worth investing in if you plan on playing a sneaky style.

Solo Sneaker Perk

If you wish to play without Companions, you can invest in the Solo Sneaker Perk. This perk reduces an enemy’s detection radius by 33 percent, only if you are alone, which is a reasonably significant benefit. It’s a Tier 3 skill, however, so you will only be able to get it later in the game.

Stealth attacks are pretty standard in The Outer Worlds. To perform one, sneak up on an enemy with a melee weapon equipped in your hand, then hit the attack button. It won’t one-shot them, but the first attack on an unaware enemy will do extra damage, making it much quicker to take them out.

It can be a tremendous amount of fun to sneak around an area, silently taking out enemies before they can raise the alarm. If you need help with other parts of the game, we have lots of useful guides to help you out. If you need to know how to fast travel, where to get more ammo, how to change your outfit and armor, or how to change the difficulty setting, then we have you covered. Best of luck in your new life as a colonist!