The Outer Worlds – Tactical Time Dilation Guide


One of your main abilities in The Outer Worlds is Tactical Time Dilation. All the time spent in a cryopod has given you the ability to slow down the time. You can use this to use advantage in fights, but landing precise hits on enemies and doing maximum damage.

The Outer Worlds – Tactical Time Dilation Guide

Tactical Time Dilation Bar

Your Tactical Time Dilation is represented by a purple energy bar in the top left corner of the screen. This shows how much charge you have in the ability. You can activate the ability by pressing Q on PC, L1 on the PS4 controller, or LB on the Xbox One controller.

This will cause the time to slow, and the purple bar will start to drain. It drains quite slowly but will drain faster if you move. If you want to get the maximum amount of time that you can, it is important not to move and pivot on the spot and take your shots. Shooting or melee attacking enemies will also cause the bar to drain faster.

Tactical Time Dilation Effect

While Tactical Time Dilation is active, you can aim down sights, and you will see the effect that shooting a certain point on your target will have. Shooting certain parts of an enemy might stagger, maim, or blind them.

The small white line on the left side of the purple bar is how much charge it needs to have before you can activate it, if the purple bar is filled up below this point, you will not be able to use the ability.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new skills and perks that give you benefits like a faster recharge, or more charge. Tactical Time Dilation is a very useful skill, so make sure you use a lot in the early game so that you know exactly how it works when the difficulty picks up because it just might save your life.