The Outer Worlds: How to Use Weapon Customization


Guns and melee weapons are the names of the game in The Outer Worlds. Players are going to find an array of dangerous weapons to use while they’re roaming around the Halycon colonies. With so many corporations out there attempting to be the best of the best, they’re competing for everyone’s attention. They might not come with everything a player wants to use when they first find it. Here’s how you can customize your weapons in The Outer Worlds.

How to Use Weapon Customization in The Outer Worlds

You’re going to get the chance to use the weapon customization stuff pretty early in the game. You’re going to get it immediately after you find access to the weapon customization right after you gain access to the ship. You can explore it pretty quick after getting the quest to visit the nearby town, Edgewater. When you’re exploring the ship, check out the workbench on the main floor. Approach it, and you’re going to have the option to modify and customize your weapons.

The Modifications Tutorial Screen

When you first get access to the workbench and check it out, you’re going to see the above pop-up. It’s going to give you both the quick and dirty break down of how it all works. The weapon customization extends to armor, too, so players can follow the same process to add modifications to what they’re wearing.

Now, the customization does not extend too far into changing the color. Players use the workbench to add mods to the weapon. However, some of these modifications get limited by the gun. For example, a simple revolver can have its magazine modified. An assault rifle can have its scope or magazine changed, giving players access to more options.

These modifications and changes do not extend to a weapon’s cosmetic appearance. While a new sight of the magazine is going to make small changes, players cannot go about switching up the colors or anything like that. Your weapons are not going to look flashy, but they’re going to do some serious work.

Good luck out there, colonists. Continue exploring The Outer Worlds by checking out the Supernova difficulty, learn about how to use the Codex, how to make bits fast, the skills, perks, and so much more.