The rarest items in Rocket League’s Golden Lantern ’21

Get some epic loot.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League celebrates Lunar New Year once again with the Lucky Lanterns event, bringing new challenges and items. There are also special Lunar New Year loot boxes to open called Golden Lanterns for those feeling especially lucky. This guide will highlight the rarest items in Rocket League’s 2021 Golden Lanterns.

How to get Golden Lanterns

To receive a Golden Lantern loot box, you will need to finish 20 matches. Unlike the other challenges available during this event, you can repeat this challenge up to five times. So you will have to play 100 games in total to get every loot box before the event ends on March 1st. You can also pick up more Golden Lanterns by buying them for 150-200 credits on the market.

What’s in the box?

Inside every 2021 Golden Lantern is one item from a previous item set. These are sets added before Patch v1.70, and they are Velocity, Triumph, and Overdrive. The rarest items in these sets are Goal Explosions for the most part, but they are flashy and fetch a high price on the market. Below is the item drop rate, according to Psyonix.

  • Rare Item: 55%
  • Very Rare Item: 28%
  • Import Item: 12%
  • Exotic Item: 4%
  • Black Market Item: 1%
  • Chance of receiving Painted attribute: 25%
  • Chance of receiving Certified attribute: 25%

Rarest items

Here are the rarest items that can drop from a Golden Lantern. These items trade for around 1000-2000 credits on the market.

Velocity Series

  • Sub-Zero – Goal Explosion
Image via rocketleague.fandom
  • Party Time – Goal Explosion
  • Dueling Dragons – Goal Explosion
Image via rocketleague.fandom
  • Poly Pop – Goal Explosion
  • Hikari P5 – Wheels

Triumph Series

  • Dissolver – Decal
Image via rocketleague.fandom
  • Atomizer – Goal Explosion
  • Toon – Goal Explosion
  • Storm Watch – decal
  • Hypnotik – Wheel

Overdrive Series

  • Electroshock – Goal Explosion
  • Hellfire – Goal Explosion
Image via rocketleague.fandom
  • Fireworks – Goal Explosion