The rarest Pathfinder skins in Apex Legends

Equip the most exclusive skins.

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Pathfinder is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends thanks to its quippy voice lines and handy grapple. For these reasons, it’s fairly common you’ll see several Pathfinders in any given match of Apex Legends. However, some players boast much more exclusive skins for the grappling robot than others.

Green Machine

Image via Reddit

By no means the rarest skin for Pathfinder, Green Machine still isn’t very common in matches. Green Machine was available nearly a year ago only in the in-game Store for 10,500 Legend Tokens. However, you also needed to own The Aviator skin, which is why the green and red skin is so rare.

Bot of Gold

Image via ZurioLim

Bot of Gold follows the same trend as Green Machine: it was only purchasable through the Store. You still needed 10,500 Legend Tokens to unlock it, but instead of owning The Aviator, you needed to own the Quiksilver skin. Bot of Gold and Green Machine were released around the same time, so one isn’t really rarer than the other.

Iced Out

Image via Royale Skin

While not extremely rare, Iced Out could be considered more exclusive than the previous two skins on this list. Available at Tier 25 of the Apex Legends Season 3 Battle Pass, Iced Out is one of the nicest looking skins Pathfinder can equip. Though, Tier 25 isn’t too hard to reach, making Iced Out rare, but not extremely difficult to find.

Plastic Fantastic

Image via Agent Sparrow

This sleek-looking skin is the most recent cosmetic on this list. Plastic Fantastic was available during the System Override event back in early 2020. However, like most event skins, you couldn’t unlock Plastic Fantastic through playtime. The only way was to receive it out of an event pack or purchasing it directly for roughly $20.

War Machine

Image via Fail Streams

Taking the top spot on the list is War Machine, which was available during the Iron Crown event in mid-2019. War Machine beats our Plastic Fantastic for the top spot due to how long it’s been since the skin made an appearance in Apex Legends. Like with Plastic Fantastic, this unique skin was only attainable through event packs.