The Sims 4: How to use platforms in build mode

Discover new ways to build with this guide.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

The Platform Tool is a new tool coming to The Sims 4 with the Snowy Escape update. This is a free base game update that everyone will be able to take advantage of. Platforms are unique, as they allow you to give more dimensions to everything you’re building by allowing you to manipulate an objects’ height without changing its foundation. This guide will walk you through how to access the platforms, how to color them, and what you can use them for.

Placing and editing platforms

Creating platforms is almost identical to any other structure—Head over to where you would normally create walls and foundations in build mode. Here you will see a new tool called Platform Tool. Note that there are also presets you can use, such as Octagonal, triangular, diagonal, and round platforms. Place these platforms down anywhere you want to begin editing them.

Editing a platform is different from editing foundations. Click on the platform to select it, then use the small arrows above the platform to change its size. Doing this will change the dimensions of the platform without affecting the foundation. This keeps the platform included with the room instead of having the room on top of the foundation.

Painting platforms

Currently, you can’t paint platforms the same way you can walls. Instead, you will need to utilize the Trim Tool. Go to your Trims tab and select Platform Trims at the bottom left. Click on the trim you want to use and apply it to the platform.

Unique ways to use platforms

Platforms bring a ton of new ways to build in Sims 4. Specifically, platforms bring a new way to construct stairs. If you increase your platforms’ height incrementally by one step, Sims will be able to walk up and down them with ease. Because a platform’s width isn’t restricted like normal stairs are, you can make wider stairs for your structures.

Another fun way to use platforms is to create miniature rooms. Because you can place multiple platforms with varying heights in your house, you can create rooms only accessible by children. This is great for creating a kid’s room that parents cannot enter.