The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules

Here are the rules for the Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4.

Image via EA

The Legacy Challenge has been a long-running challenge in The Sims, dating back to The Sims’ first version. Essentially, the Legacy Challenge is a set of restrictions players can impose on themselves to make the game more challenging. Adding these layers of restrictions towards how The Sims 4 is played out proves to be a strong allure for seasoned Sims players, adding an overall complexity to how the game is played out.

The Legacy Challenge tasks you with playing a family through 10 generations. The player starts with one adult Sim by themselves in a Legacy Lot, typically sized at 50×50. The founder must build their house, their wealth, and bring in the second generation to continue when they pass. The Legacy Challenge begs the question: “What kind of legacy will you leave?” Here are the main rules that you have to comply with throughout the Legacy Challenge.

Legacy Challenge rules

  1. No cheats, hacks, modifications that give you any sort of advantage.
  2. No restarting after bad events. Essentially, deal with the hands dealt to you during the duration of the challenge.
  3. You may not move or merge in other Sims into the Legacy Family. The exception is if they are a spouse to one of the children.
  4. The Legacy family must remain on the same lot for the duration of the challenge. In other words, you can’t move from the 50×50 lot that you start on.
  5. A Sim may utilize an anti-aging item only once in their lifetime.
  6. You may not change a Sims current aspiration.
  7. Sims are not allowed to be brought back from the dead once the reaper has taken them.
  8. You may not move/marry out the Sim, who currently holds the title of ‘heir.’
  9. Your legacy family is the sole family you can play in that saved game.
  10. You can follow Sims to their jobs if pursuing the Doctor, Detective, or Scientist careers.