The six best Minecraft tech mods

Automation makes life easy.

Screengrab via Welsknight Gaming’s YouTube

The world of Minecraft is immense, which can be overwhelming at times. Building and crafting takes plenty of manual work, mainly clicking multiple times or dragging ingredients repeatedly. Although that is the crux of the game, there are tech and automation mods available that can either reduce the workload or make the overall system you use in your world more efficient. Furthermore, utilizing these tech mods can make your Minecraft experience more fun and engaging. Since many mods are available for the game, we’ve listed the six best tech mods you can try.

Botania Mod

Screengrab via Lorthorn’s YouTube

Although Botania mod is not your conventional tech mod, it surely serves as one. It revolves around natural magic and mystical flowers to power up tech devices. Botania is a must-try mod for creative minds wanting to design their own devices rather than following preset blueprints.

NuclearCraft Mod

Screengrab via NuclearCraft’s YouTube

NuclearCraft is a powerful mod that lets you utilize Nuclear power in Minecraft. Using the mod, you’ll be able to deploy intricate multiblock fission reactors, multiblock heat exchangers and steam turbines. This is one of the most potent mods for producing energy at a large capacity.

Refined Storage Mod

Screengrab via Vatonage’s YouTube

Although having storage space is usually not a problem in Minecraft, you can install the Refined Storage mod if you struggle with storage space. Apart from offering storage solutions, the mod also includes importers, exporters, constructors, and destructors that can be used to manage items and blocks. Finally, you can use the mod to install auto crafting, making crafting complicated recipes simpler.

Solar Flux Reborn Mod

Screengrab via 2ndkirbyever’s YouTube

Being energy efficient is not only efficient in the real world but in Minecraft as well. Using the Solar Flux mod, you will be able to install solar panels that produce energy. Additionally, these panels can work in tandem with other devices you install in your world, ultimately saving energy.

Techguns Mod

Screengrab via The Gamer Hobbit’s YouTube

If you are bored of wielding a Pickaxe in Minecraft, you can always replace it with a gun. Techguns mod allows users to choose from a wide variety of firearms to replace the traditional pickaxe. Eliminating enemies becomes less exasperating and more enjoyable. You also get different pieces of armor to pick from once the mod is installed.

Traincraft Mod

Screengrab via Mrbrutal’s YouTube

Having railways in your Minecraft can make overall transportation efficient and more fun in general. The Traincraft mod adds more than 80 trains, wagons, and other moving vehicles to the Minecraft world, making the process of carrying blocks and items from one location to another extremely convenient.