The strongest Monster in each Monster Hunter game

Warning: Hunt at your own discretion.

Image via Capcom

The Monster Hunter franchise spans a long time that covers 13 games with several expansions and DLCs. From its beginnings in 2004 to the present day, it provided a challenge of hunting monstrous and fantastical creatures to its players, who had to use their wits, arsenals of weaponry, and sometimes even bunch up together to take down one of these monsters.

To celebrate all of the accomplishments of the Monster Hunter franchise, we present you with the list of the strongest monsters from each game.

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Monster Hunter (2004) – Fatalis

The black dragon is one of the strongest and largest foes in the first Monster Hunter game. It required special and careful preparation to defeat.

Monster Hunter Freedom (2006) – Crimson Fatalis

Returning to form in an even stronger sub-type, Crimson Fatalis is a force to be reckoned with and the strongest of Dragons.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (2007) – White Fatalis

Returning once again with a new color and form, White Fatalis is infamous for one-hit killing would-be hunters.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (2009) – White Fatalis

Image via MonsterHunterWiki

Although a case could be made for any member of the so-called ‘Fatalis trio’ of Elder Dragons, the White version is considered the strongest, with Crimson not being far behind.

Monster Hunter 3 (2010) – Alatreon

With Fatalis dethroned for the first time in the franchise, the territorial elemental-infused Dragon is the most dangerous foe to hunt in MH3.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (2013) – Brachydios

The first non-dragon on our list, Brachydios is a Brute Wyvern covered in dangerous green slime and tough plates.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (2015) – Rajang

Image via MonsterHunterWiki

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate could’ve easily featured a multitude of monsters as strongest, but our vote goes to the Fanged Beast, Rajang. From its great and unique design to the furious way it fights, it is easy to rate it as the strongest monster.

Monster Hunter Generations (2016) – Mizutsune

Any of the four flagship monsters could have vied for the spot, so we decided to feature the first Leviathan to appear on our list. The gargantuan creature is at home in the water, which adds an extra layer of challenges when hunting it.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (2018) – Lao-Shan Lung

Marking the return of Elder Dragons to our list, the old brown dragon is a staple of the franchise by now. He was always among the strongest, but Generations Ultimate was especially his time to shine.

Monster Hunter World (2018) – Behemoth

Image via MonsterHunterWiki

The Elder Dragon that looks like a cross between a Minotaur and a drake, this massive powerhouse is easily the strongest monster in the game, especially in its Extreme form.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (2018) – Silver Rathalos

Image via MonsterHunterWiki

The rare silvery Flying Wyvern is the most dangerous creature in the stand-alone expansion to Monster Hunter World. It is famed for just how often it is able to enter the dangerous Rage state.

Monster Hunter Rise (2022) – Tigrex

Image via MonsterHunterWiki

Tough marked as Flying Wyvern, Tigrex is as dangerous on land as it is in the air. Its roars can incapacitate hunters, making them easy prey to this apex predator.