The Surge 2 – How To Upgrade Your Rig

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In The Surge 2, your Rig is the reason you can go toe-to-toe with enemies. The exo-suit allows you to fight with much more strength than you could as a standard human. The Rig also affects your Health, Stamina, and Battery stats, allowing you to stay in the fight even longer as you level it up.

How To Upgrade Your Rig

Your rig is upgraded using Tech Scrap at the Autodocs you find in different areas of the game. The Autodoc functions as an upgrade and crafting station and a respawn point should you die. You can get Tech Scrap by killing enemies and use it to upgrade Module Points which you use to distribute among the three major stats.

  • Health – lets you take more hits.
  • Stamina – lets you perform more actions
  • Battery – enables you to cut away limbs from enemies or use injection implants. Higher battery level increases the effect of injection implants.

As you upgrade your Rig you unlock more implants slots, improve your stats, and can equip more items.

How To Get New Weapons, Gear And Implants

You can get new weapons, gear, and implants by cutting them off enemies.

  • Gear – cutaway armored body parts of enemies
  • Weapons – cutaway the arm that is wielding the weapon
  • Implants – cutaway the bodies of robotic enemies or the heads of humanoid enemies to get components for upgrading implants

Cutting away an armor piece, weapon, or implant for the first time gives you the blueprint for that item, allowing you to build it. Cutting off additional pieces of armor pieces, weapons or implants gives you a component you need to upgrade that type of item.

The level of the component depends on your enemy’s level. Level one enemies drop MK.1 components, level two enemies drop MK.2 components, etc. You then use the higher-level components to upgrade your level one gear to level two, and so on. In this way, it is always worth farming parts from enemies that you fight.