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The top 10 best Ghost-type Pokémon of all time, ranked

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Known for their disruptive play and popularity in Trick Room teams, Ghost-type Pokémon are the only type with more than one immunity, though in return they tend to have below average bulk and low Speed, bar a few exceptions. Here are our top 10 best Ghost-type Pokémon, from worst to best, just in time for the spooky season.

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10. Dusknoir

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As a slow, bulky Ghost-type, Dusknoir finds its niche in keeping its team’s entry hazards safe from the likes of Rapid Spinners such as Alolan Sandslash or Fortress. This means that it works well with entry hazard setters such as Roserade, Skarmory and even Garchomp. Dusknoir also makes a good teammate in double battles, due to its bulk and its reliable Trick Room setup. Very few non Legendary Ghost-types can boast of defenses as bulky as Dusknoir’s, so if you need a bulky ghost for your team, this one-eyed wall might be the one for you.

9. Mismagius

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Mismagius boasts of solid Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed stats, and its access to Nasty Plot makes it a threatening Special sweeper with the right matchup. It can also learn support moves such as Protect and Taunt, and its Levitate ability gives it an additional immunity to Ground-type moves. Though its offensive options are rather limited, it can lay on the pressure by running Substitute and Calm Mind, making opponents want to remove it as fast as possible. Mismagius is also notably one of the few Pokémon who can learn Mystical Fire via leveling up.

8. Cursola

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Corsola was another old timer who got a Galarian form in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Cursola, its Galarian counterpart’s evolved form, is Specially offensive and defensive. Its high Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense also pair nicely with its Perish Body Hidden Ability. Perish Body causes both Cursola and the attacker to faint in three turns unless switched out if Cursola is hit by a physical attack, dissuading would-be physical attackers. While its Speed is quite lacking, that just makes it all the more enticing for players who are looking for a good Special sweeper for their Trick Room teams.

7. Cofagrigus

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As a highly defensive Pokémon, Cofagrigus shines in Trick Room teams, where it dishes out punishing Shadow Balls after setting up with Nasty Plot. Its ability, Mummy, changes the ability of physical attackers into Mummy upon contact. For physical attackers that rely heavily on their ability, which is bad news for physical attackers that rely heavily on their abilities to deal damage. It is a good choice for a late game sweeper, as Nasty Plot and Trick Room combined makes it a truly devastating force against opponents with no resistances.

6. Spiritomb

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Spiritomb was highly coveted during its debut generation, as its Ghost and Dark typing made it take neutral damage from Dark-type moves, though the introduction of the Fairy type means that it takes 2x more damage from Fairy-type moves. With that being said, it still has an impressive immunity against Psychic, Fighting and Normal-type moves. It has perfectly even Attack and Sp. Attack stats, giving it more options in terms of moves and gameplay, and its low Speed makes it a viable Trick Room candidate.

5. Aegislash

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A Pokémon that was considered so broken that it almost immediately got banned to Ubers by Smogon when it first entered the XY meta, Aegislash can do it all — offense and defense are no issue with its Stance Change ability. Perhaps it is because of this that Aegislash got nerfed in the recent generation, losing 10 base stats from each of its 150 base stats. Its signature move, King’s Shield, was also hit, causing opposing Pokémon to lose one stage of Attack instead of the original two when attacking directly into it. However, despite this, it is still a very threatening presence, especially to physical attackers and fragile sweepers. Timing is key to using this sword and shield to its full potential, as one badly-timed move could leave you open to a nasty counterattack.

4. Rotom

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Rotom may be a jack of all trades, but it is definitely not a master of none. With its large variety of forms and numerous typing combinations, Rotom’s versatility is off the charts, though popular picks skew towards Rotom-Wash and Rotom-Mow. Its base form shines as a support, as its Levitate ability means that its only weakness is Ghost and Dark-type moves. It is very good at making popular hazard setters sweat with Defog, and it can even tag out after clearing the way for its teammates via Volt Switch. Though it may not look like it, but this haunted bit of plasma is a very good team player that can be slotted into most teams.

3. Chandelure

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Chandelure’s monstrous Sp. Attack stat of 145 is what makes it truly terrifying, especially when paired with a Choice Scarf. Its Hidden Ability, Infiltrator, allows it to bypass the opponent’s Light Screen, Reflect, and most importantly — Substitute. Its versatile movepool also lets it take on a variety of offensive roles, utilizing different builds to best fit in with the rest of the team. It can run Calm Mind and Substitute to pressure defensive and stall-based teams, or it can simply sweep through opposing Pokémon with a Choice Scarf set. It works best as a late game offensive, or as an anti-stall pick.

2. Gengar

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Gengar, a fan favorite since the first generation, has unfortunately lost its Levitate ability in recent generations, making it susceptible to Ground-type moves. Despite that, it is still going strong — not only getting a Mega Evolution, but also its own Gigantamax form. With its high Speed and Sp. Attack, Gengar’s Poison typing also makes it a great Fairy-type counter. A Same Type Attack Bonus boosted Sludge Wave will decimate any unprepared Fairy-types. Gengar in its base form is a brutal revenge killer, and its Mega Evolution only serves to make it an even better one, especially with its newly-gained Shadow Tag ability, preventing opponents from switching out on it.

1. Mimikyu

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Taking the top spot on our list is Mimikyu, a Pokémon known for its creepy-cute vibes and its reputation as a fearsome physical revenge killer. Its ability, Disguise, guarantees it a single, free turn of damage immunity, allowing it to set up a Swords Dance, or even a Substitute, before going in for the kill with a Same Type Attack Bonus boosted Shadow Claw or Play Rough. Like all Ghost types, Mimikyu is naturally immune to Rapid Spin, making it a great teammate in teams that focus on stacking entry hazards, though it can also fit into most teams due to its offensive prowess.

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