What is the Release Date for Total War Three Kingdoms?

The embargo for Total War Three Kingdoms was lifted earlier today, and we have plenty of content covering the topic. However, many may notice the game does not release until some time next week. As much fun as it can be to see all of the guides, you want to know when the game is going to come out so you can start playing it officially. Here are the release windows for Total War Three Kingdoms and how you can play it.

Total War Three Kingdoms Release Window

When Does The Game Officially Release?

You’re going to find that the game does not release until May 23. That’s the second-to-last Thursday of May, and you don’t want to miss out on it when it does release. To make sure you’re on top of it, grab you pre-order now from the Steam webpage, or off of Sega’s website. You’ll have to download and play it through Steam, though.

The exact release window could vary based on when the game goes out. Like a handful of Steam games, some of them arrive on the PC at midnight Eastern Standard Time. When this happens, it gives those who live on the west coast three extra hours to play the game, on May 22. It’s not much, but for some west coasters, it’s a big appeal to have the chance to play the game a little bit before having to return to work the next day.

What Platforms Will Three Kingdoms Release On?

For those who are new to Total War games, you can expect only to play this game on a PC. Many of the Total War games have always been PC-exclusive games, and this is mainly because of how difficult it would be to bring this type of deep strategy game to a console. There’s likely no plans to bring the Three Kingdoms title to any of the current consoles. So, if you don’t have a PC or a decent laptop to run this game on, you may not get the opportunity to play this new game.