Tips and tricks for winning Gauntlet Runs in Horizon Forbidden West

Time to run the gauntlet.

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Many open-world games have a form of race that you can participate in. For Horizon Forbidden West, the races are known as Gauntlet Runs. During these races, you ride on a Charger mount and battle the other racers to earn the victory. All during one long lap of the track. Here are some tips and tricks to help you win the Gauntlet Runs in Horizon Forbidden West.

Gauntlet Run: The Dry Yearn

You’ll find this race down the mountain from where The Base is. Head west from The Base and you will find the Gauntlet Run just north of Arrowhand. You need to complete this Gauntlet Run first. You will get a slight rundown of the basics when you discover it.

Gauntlet Run: Cliffs of the Cry

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This Gauntlet Run is on the western edge of the map along the coast. You will find it west of Thornmarsh. This track has you go across the mountains and the beach with a lot of tight corners and new item pickups.

Gauntlet Run: Boneshite Tear

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You till find this Gauntlet Run up the mountains west of The Bulwark in the northwestern section of the map. You need to complete the two previous races before you can complete this one. This race has you riding through the tundra along narrow passageways.

Gauntlet Run: The Stillsands

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You will discover this race deep in the southern section of the desert portion of the map. You will find this race near the Tower of Tears. You will need to complete all the other races before this one becomes available. This race has you running across the sand dunes of the Las Vegas ruins.

Know how to race

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These races can get pretty brutal. During a race, you will want to speed forward and maneuver around the various obstacles. You have the ability to shoot your bow while you ride and can use it to slow down the other racers or even make them fall off their mounts. You have a limited number of arrows while racing and can collect more by grabbing quivers that are hanging around the track. With all that in mind, you will want to pay attention to some tips to help you get through.

The game doesn’t tell you what to do when you start a race. Here is what you need to know. Press X to speed up, press O to slow down, and press square to brace for damage. You can also use your spear to attack racers next to you. Use the R1 button to attack. The bow controls are normal. Press L2 to aim and R2 to fire an arrow. Pressing R2 without aiming will make you use an ability.

Pay attention to your ammo

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You only get so many arrows and if you fire them off needlessly then you will quickly run out. Pay attention to your arrow supply and make sure to grab ammo refills whenever you pass them. If another racer grabs an arrow refill before you do, it will disappear and vice versa. Try to push other races aside to grab ammo. This will let you get more ammo and prevent other races from being able to take aim at you.

During the race, you can also grab different arrow types. These can be incredibly useful if you grab the right kind. You have access to Shock and Stun arrows. Stun arrows slow down the target while Shock arrows stop them in their tracks. You also have access to mines and speed boosts.

Keep dodging or pick yourself up

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There is a way to tell if you are about to get hit by an arrow. The indicator that flashes out in the wild when you are about to get hit will start blinking rapidly. When this happens, remember to press the square button to dodge or you will get knocked down on your mount. If this happens enough, you will fall off your mount. If you do end up getting hit, make sure to press R2 as quickly as possible to pull yourself back up on your mount. This will also slow you down. Make sure to press X as soon as possible to regain your speed.