Tips to complete Artifact Recovery: Rotherhithe Docks in Watch Dogs: Legion

Recover the bracer.


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The Artifact Recovery Assassin Contracts are definitely the easiest in Watch Dogs: Legion. However, they’re not all straightforward, and if your Operative’s life is on the line, you want to know how to get in and out without losing them. This guide offers some tips for doing just that in the Artifact Recovery mission to Rotherhithe Docks.

Become the master of stealth

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This location is absolutely packed with enemies. They patrol every corridor, and it’s tough to find a way in where one won’t spot you. An Operative with an AR Disguise is essential since you won’t need a spiderbot. Use that AR Disguise to get into the area and take out at least one guard. With one down, you should have enough breathing room to take down the rest without being seen. Remember that the safe will be locked if you are seen, and you’ll need to restart.

The safe is in the boat

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The safe for this mission is located in the boat in the middle of the building. It’s not easy to access, though. The only way into the building is from ground level, and you’ve got to work your way upstairs within the structure to reach the boat. Even once you can see the safe, four guards can spot you and abruptly end the mission. Work your way slowly up to the boat, taking out any guards you come across. Leave no one alive. Otherwise, the mission will be a bust.

Exit in style

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You can access the roof of the building once you’ve claimed the Assassin’s Bracer. There’s a dock for a cargo bot up here, so call it in and exit in style. There’s no chance of getting into any unnecessary encounters if you fly off very slowly into the sunset.