Titanfall 2 – How to Double Jump like a Pro

In Titanfall 2, the Pilots have the ability to control the Titans and they are extremely versatile foot soldiers. Every Pilot is outfitted with a jump kit which allows them to perform various parkour movements like Double Jumps, Wall Running, and Mantling. In this guide, we will show you how to double jump like a pro and achieve a greater height in the game.

How to Double Jump like a Pro

How to Double Jump like a Pro

Within first 15 minutes of the Titanfall 2 gameplay, the Pilot will get his suit ready for Double Jumps. You must be very familiar with the double jumps if you have played the previous installment. This guide’s purpose is to show you the best ways and use of double jumps in the game. Normally you will be using your jet pack, allows you to perform a second jump in mid-air, but timing your second jump at the peak of your first jump will achieve a greater height.

Mastering Pilot Maneuvers like Wall Run will definitely help you to boost your double jump horizontally. Maximize your momentum by using the slide and wall run while double jumping will cover a lot of ground and cover all the gaps which on foot would be difficult. This will also help you tackle the enemy team while in mid-air. Now make sure while in combat the double jump will actually reduce your velocity.

At the Pro Level, you must first understand when to and when not to use the double jump. Like for example, different maps will expect you to adjust according to your goals. There is a small loss of speed while Double jumping, but it can be useful to get to a better height. Wall Runs are the best to mix up with the double jumps as they will not only speed you up but also make your traveling pace easy. This was all about the Double Jump in TF2, if you have doubt then do let us know in the comments below and do check our other tips and tricks guide at Titanfall 2 Wiki guide.