Titania Prime Eidolon Hunter build – Warframe

David versus Goliath.

Titania Prime Relics

Titania Prime is undoubtedly an interesting Warframe, hiding most of her substantial power in her Dex Pixia weapons. For this build, we will be focusing on one of the more fun aspects of Titania, which is that she is a surprisingly effective Eidolon Hunter. If you don’t want to juggle too much and are looking for an easy way to rip the limbs from Eidolons rapidly, then Titania Prime is a perfect option.

Warframe Build

Titania Prime Build

The build aims to provide Titania with a vast amount of ability strength, as this will increase the damage she can do while using her Razorwing ability. Umbral Intensify and Umbral Vitality form the cornerstone of the build, with Primed Flow giving a huge energy pool. Transient Fortitude and Blinde Rage both offer ability strength buffs, at the cost of less important stats for this build. Streamline improves energy efficiency, allowing us to get even more out of that huge energy pool. Power Drift adds just a little more ability strength, and Corrosive Projection will help strip some armor from enemies.

Finally, Aviator and a partially upgraded Adaptation will provide plenty of tankiness to the build, giving Titania Prime some excellent survivability.

Dex Pixia Build

Dex Pixia Build

The Dex Pixia are very important in this build, as the aim is to spend as much time in Razorwing as possible or to pump out as much damage as we can to shatter those Eidolon limbs.

Hornet Strike and Augur Pact give flat base damage, while Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker give boosted critical stats. Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion give improved multishot, with a bonus fire rate increase from the Lethal Torrent for a general DPS boost. Finally, Convulsion and Primed Heated Charge give us plenty of Radiation damage, which is perfect for ripping apart Eidolons.

Now, is this the most effective way to fight Eidolons? Nope, not at all. It is very quick and very fun, but a well-buffed sniper round fired through a few Volt shields will always be better. The emphasis here is on the fun, and the fact that doing the same thing, the same way, forever and ever, is boring.

The build also isn’t limited to just Eidolon Hunting. Switching up the elemental damage types of the Dex Pixia will allow you to take on any enemy, and we have had fun with the build in Sorties, Arbitrations, and all sorts of boss fights.