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Top 10 Best Legacy Board Games, Ranked

It's time to bring back fun games.

Over time, board games have evolved, providing numerous hours of amusement, while pushing the strategic elements of these games into a different direction. Legacy board games take this experience to a new level by introducing a dynamic and evolving gameplay system. In legacy games, every replay permanently modifies the game’s elements, guidelines, and plot.

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Legacy board games provide value for money, replayability, and deliver fun experiences, contributing to the game’s preservation and legacy. These aspects make legacy games compelling for board game enthusiasts seeking a unique and engaging gaming adventure. Naturally, many would be interested in trying out the best legacy board games. Hence, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best legacy Board games you can check out.

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10. The King’s Dilemma

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While not a traditional legacy game, The King’s Dilemma incorporates legacy-like elements. The kingdom’s history and the consequences of previous dilemmas persist throughout the campaign, creating a sense of continuity. The evolving narrative and the impact of player decisions on future sessions contribute to a legacy-like experience. The dilemmas presented in the game can be morally challenging, forcing players to make difficult decisions that may conflict with their personal beliefs or values. If you’re uncomfortable confronting such moral quandaries in a game setting, this might not be the right choice for you.

9. Betrayal Legacy

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Betrayal Legacy reinvents the horror-themed Betrayal at House on the Hill game with an overarching narrative. As players explore a haunted mansion over generations, they unveil the mysteries hidden within, which keep players on their toes constantly. It is worth mentioning that Betrayal Legacy can have a steep learning curve, especially for those new to legacy-style games or tabletop gaming in general. The evolving rules and components, as well as the potential for different haunts and scenarios, may be overwhelming for some players. This is the reason this game is low on the list since you cannot just jump into it and start playing.

8. Charterstone

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Charterstone blends worker placement and city-building mechanics in an evolving world. Players construct buildings, unlock new components, and contribute to the ever-changing landscape, creating a thrilling and engaging game. What makes it extra cool is that each time you play, the game changes. Yep, things evolve! The more you play, the more the game transforms. It’s like a village growing and changing over time. The only downside of the game is that it has a slow-paced start, so if you are a fan of fast-paced action, Charterstone might not be the game for you.

7. Machi Koro Legacy

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Machi Koro Legacy puts a legacy spin on the beloved Machi Koro dice-rolling game. It revolves around building a city by making decisions that carry over from game to game, creating progressive and strategic urban development scenarios. Much like the original games, the legacy format allows for a captivating and evolving narrative. Furthermore, it maintains the core mechanics and charm of the original while adding an evolving storyline with unique twists, making it easy for fans to dive into the game.

6. Gloomhaven

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Gloomhaven is a massive legacy dungeon-crawling adventure. Its deep narrative, intricate character progression, and tactical combat make it a standout. It is a staple game in the legacy board game genre, which everyone loves. Gloomhaven is a massive legacy dungeon-crawling adventure. Its deep narrative, intricate character progression, and tactical combat make it a standout. It is a staple game in the legacy board game genre, which everyone loves. The game does require substantial setup time due to its many components and scenarios. Additionally, individual scenarios can be lengthy, often taking several hours to complete, which might not suit players looking for quick gaming sessions.

5. Rise of Queensdale

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The gameplay revolves around resource management, worker placement, and city-building. Players gather resources, construct buildings, and expand their territories. The clever twist lies in the legacy aspect – the decisions you make in one session affect the available resources, buildings, and rules in subsequent sessions. The game has received positive reviews and feedback from the gaming community, praising its engaging gameplay, evolving storyline, and a good blend of strategy.

4. Risk Legacy

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Risk Legacy is typically played as a campaign consisting of 15 games or until a faction achieves four victories. The legacy elements accumulate and evolve with each game, making every session unique. As the campaign progresses, the game world becomes more complex and strategic. While it demands a commitment from a consistent group of players and introduces a learning curve due to its evolving mechanics, Risky Legacy promises an unforgettable journey through a changing world of conquest and rivalry.

3. Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

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Clank! Legacy injects the popular deck-building series with legacy mechanics. Players embark on a comedic fantasy adventure, making choices that influence the game world and their characters’ development. The game incorporates a risk-and-reward system. Players are incentivized to push their luck and delve deeper into the dungeon to earn more rewards, but doing so increases the risk of attracting the attention of the fierce dragon and suffering its wrath. Needless to say, some RNG is involved in the game, which might be a negative point for some.

2. Seafall

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In Seafall, players assume the roles of ship captains, directing their crews to explore new areas, trade precious cargo, and engage in epic sea battles. It involves deep strategic decision-making, requiring players to plan their actions carefully to navigate the game world, explore new territories, engage in battles, and manage resources effectively. Players must navigate economic challenges and make diplomatic decisions that impact their standing and relationships with other factions in the game. Balancing these aspects adds layers of complexity and depth to the gaming experience. Overall, there isn’t much to say about the Seafall other than that it is a perfect example of a legacy game done right.

1. Pandemic Legacy

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With its intense cooperative gameplay, Pandemic Legacy revolutionized the legacy game genre. While dealing with ongoing changes to the game world, players battle worldwide illness epidemics. The plot develops over several sessions, retaining players’ interest and motivation for success. Even after completing the campaign, the game offers high replayability with a unique and customized game board. The balance of strategy and randomness, along with its widespread positive reception and numerous awards, solidifies its status as one of the best board games.

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