Top 10 Best Nutaku Games, Ranked

Great fun.

Image via Nutaku

Nutaku has gained a reputation as a leading adult gaming platform that offers a diverse range of adult-oriented games catering to various interests and preferences. Since it offers a large number of games, it can be overwhelming for newcomers to decide which games to dive into first. Hence, we’ve compiled a list ranking the top 10 best Nutaku games you can play.

Project QT

Project QT is a hybrid game that combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with turn-based RPG battles. Players collect and upgrade a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities, and engage in strategic battles against various enemies. The game’s stunning visuals, entertaining combat mechanics, and captivating character designs make it a standout choice for fans of both genres.

Crystal Maidens

Crystal Maidens is a strategy-based adventure game that blends city-building elements with real-time strategy battles. Players lead a group of powerful maidens, each possessing their own strengths and abilities, as they explore a mystical land. The combination of resource management, strategic battles, and enchanting visuals creates a thoroughly engaging experience.

Chick Wars

Chick Wars is a collectible card game that offers a mix of strategy, fantasy, and captivating adult content. Players collect and upgrade a variety of cards, each representing unique characters and abilities. The game features both single-player campaigns and player-versus-player battles, allowing players to showcase their deck-building and strategic skills.

Honey Crush

Combining match-3 puzzle mechanics with dating simulation elements, Honey Crush offers a unique gaming experience. The game boasts stunning visuals and adorable characters that make puzzle-solving all the more rewarding.

Attack on Moe H:

This clicker RPG stands out with its quirky concept of defending the world against giant moe monsters. As players battle through waves of enemies, they uncover captivating stories and unlock an array of powerful upgrades.

Armor Blitz

Armor Blitz is a blend of strategy and RPG gameplay, set in an alternate universe where WWII tanks are personified as anime-style girls. The strategic depth, along with the charming characters, makes this game a standout.

Busty Biz

In Busty Biz, players build and manage their own adult entertainment studio. The game combines simulation and strategy elements, offering an intriguing insight into the business side of the industry while maintaining a light-hearted tone.

Kamihime Project R

This turn-based RPG immerses players in a fantasy world filled with battles, magic, and captivating characters known as Kamihime. The deep combat system, stunning artwork, and extensive storyline make it a must-play for RPG enthusiasts.

Sacred Sword Princesses:

Combining RPG mechanics with visual novel elements, Sacred Sword Princesses offers an enticing adventure. Players collect and upgrade heroines while unraveling an engaging fantasy narrative.

Osawari Island

Osawari Island combines city-building mechanics with dating simulation elements. Players create their dream resort on an exotic island while forming relationships with charming characters.