Top Augments to pick in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7: Dragonlands

Augment your strategy with our list.

Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands splash image featuring triumphant Pengu surrounded by Dragons

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With the Augment system here to stay in Teamfight Tactics (TFT), its new Set 7: Dragonlands, and the raw power that picking the right Augments can bring to your team, it is a good idea to know which ones to pick and when.

With nearly a hundred Draconic Augments to pick from, there are many powerful choices, but as with many systems, some simply rise to the top as the best ones. But in TFT, that doesn’t mean that they’re always the best choice — that can largely depend on your team comp and strategy. Still, these augments can lead to a snowball victory quicker and easier than many others.

Top 5 Augments

1. Pandora’s Bench

  • Gain 5 gold. At the start of every turn, Champions in your three rightmost bench slots transform into random Champions of the same cost.

This is Augment is almost overpowered – and it’s only Silver. Placing units on the designated bench slots as a proxy can be a fast way to get a full team of 2- and 3-star champions.

2. Cruel Pact

  • Buying XP costs 3 Health instead of gold.

This is a high-risk, high-reward type of Augment. Theoretically, it allows you to reach level seven in the first Augment round and snowball from there, despite the low health total that would put you on.

3. Think Fast

  • Shop refreshes are free until the end of this round. Traits and other augments do not benefit from these free shops. Gain 8 gold.

Ideally, you would pick this one as second or third, when you have some gold to spend. But if you are fast with evaluating the carousel, this Augment can give you an insurmountable advantage in rolling down for one round.

4. Dragon Horde

  • The Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 15 Attack Damage and Ability Power. Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.

Dragons by themselves are powerful units, sometimes able to swing the tide of battle by themselves. Their power is offset by the limit of only fielding one per team since they lose their Dragon trait when there are multiple. This Augment circumvents that limitation and allows you to field four Dragons at max level, or even all five if you find the Tactician’s Crown.

5. Dragon Alliance

  • The Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 25 Armor and Magic Resist. Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.

Interchangeable with the previous Augment, this one provides you with the same benefits, with the only difference being between the offensive and defensive buffs they provide.

Image via Riot Games

Economy Augments

These Augments can be very powerful early on to give you an advantage, but also have a downside of falling behind the more combat-oriented Augments in the later stages of the game. This means that you want to find ways to use your economy Augments to convert their advantage into power on the board.

1. Windfall

  • Gain 20 gold. (Only shows up on round 1-4).

2. Rich Get Richer

  • Gain 10 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 7.

3. Party Favors

  • Gain 1 gold for every 6 firecrackers launched by Revel champions each combat. Additionally, gain a special prize the first time 100 total firecrackers are launched. Gain a Jinx.

Trait Augments

One of the main uses for Augments is to find extra Traits to round out those trait buffs in your team. So it’s always good to be on the lookout for Hearts, Crests, and Crowns with your desired traits to supplement your roster. These are some of the best traits in the current game to look out for.

1. Mage Heart/Crest/Crown

  • Your team counts as having one additional Mage. Gain a Nami.
  • Gain a Mage Emblem and a Vladimir.
  • Gain a Mage Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and a Ryze.

2. Evoker Heart/Crest/Crown

  • Your team counts as having one additional Evoker. Gain a Lulu.
  • Gain an Evoker Emblem and a Lulu.
  • Gain an Evoker Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and an Anivia.

3. Guardian Heart/Crest/Crown

  • Your team counts as having one additional Guardian. Gain a Thresh.
  • Gain a Guardian Emblem and a Braum.     
  • Gain a Guardian Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and a Braum.

Trait Buff Augments

Many Traits have corresponding Augments that complement or expand on that Trait’s effects, or in some ways modify units with those Traits. These can be powerful ways to supplement your roster, especially if you went “tall“ on a certain trait and have many units with it.

1. Party Time

  • After Revels score a takedown, they gain 75% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Gain a Jinx.

2. Scorch

  • Every fifth instance of Ragewing champion’s damage deals 40% more damage and is converted to true damage. Gain a Kayn.

3. Tiamat

  • Warrior’s additional attacks deal 60% of their damage to enemies in a 1-hex area around their target. Gain a Yone.