Toph moveset guide – How to play Toph in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

She can beat The Boulder, but can she deal with a sponge under the sea?

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The blind badass earthbender Toph is dealing out damage to all her foes in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and is a top-tier character for many. With her strong recovery moves and fantastic combo potential, Toph is certainly someone you should master in the game. Here’s a breakdown of her moveset.

Light attacks (L)

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Toph’s light attacks are lightning-fast, and her combos can be super effective. Follow the instructions below to give out some frenetic blows.

  • The normal light attack is a quick forward rising knee that does 5% of damage.
  • The down light attack is a rock slide that’s highly effective. With an opponent that’s at a low percentage, you can start a combo with it. Go L, down L, and then L to deal a 18% combo. You might also be able to use a down strong attack at the end, causing 39%-42% damage overall. The rock slide attack alone does 8%.
  • The up light attack is Toph using her prize belt as a weapon. It can be great at juggling opponents and it can be a great uppercut maneuver into air attacks. This does 8% of damage.
  • Her air light attacks are very similar except for her down attack. It can be used to spike but as the move is super fast, it’s hard to land. The standard light attack in the air has more range than on ground and does slightly more damage at 9%.

Strong attacks

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Toph’s strong attacks are her biggest asset in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. She can knock opponents out just like that as they have so much range and utilities.

  • Her standard strong attack is an earth wave that can send foes into the stratosphere. It does between 7-15%, depending on the situation.
  • Her up strong attack is a clay warrior that is formed from the ground. You can determine the length of the move based on how long you hold the button. You can see its trajectory on the stage with spurts of earth on the ground. From our testing, it does around 6-24%. We believe you get higher damage if you directly hit your rival while they’re in the air with the head of the statue
  • Toph’s down strong attack is the most vicious move in her arsenal. A stone arch falls above her opponent, dishing out 21% of damage. It is slower to pull off than other attacks, but it can be a devastating ways to propel other Nicktoons out of the stage. It is also an effective spiking tool if you can time it just right.
  • Toph can also pull off a dashing strong attack that’s a punch propelled by her earthbending. It’s a quick and snappy move that can send your enemy packing.
  • Lastly, Toph’s up strong attack in the air is a spinning kick that does 13% of damage but has poor knockback potential. It’s also slow to pull off. We prefer using the champion belt instead as you can juggle with that easily.

Her specials

Her specials are mainly used for recovery to the stage, but she does have a great projectile in her toolset as well.

  • The first special, the standard, flings a boulder towards Aang or another Nicktoon’s face. Simply tap it for a small rock or build it up by holding the special button. It is complete once the rock fully builds shape. Like Samus in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, release the rock by simply tapping the special button after the build up. It does 14% damage and at high percentages, it can send your enemy flying.
  • Her down special is a devastating flip in the ai with the iron boot that if landed, can be a great knockback tool. It does around 10% of damage but be careful of using this near a ledge as you can’t recover from it.
  • Her up special has her leaping into the air with the help of a boulder. It can be a decent recovery, but it’s even more effective at edgeguarding. As the boulder covers quite a wide range in the air, it will likely stop others from grabbing the ledge. It also spikes slightly. Combine it with the next special for the best recovery in the game.
  • Her down special in the air creates a rock platform. This will save her from dicey situations when her up recovery isn’t enough to get her back onto the stage. It goes away after around 20 seconds so don’t be too reliant on it. Match this with the up special, and you can secure Toph’s safety.