Total War: Three Kingdoms – How Assignments Work, And What They Do

In Total War Three Kingdoms, Assignments are special enhancements that you can give to a Commandery. They can be used to counterbalance, or buff, things that are happening within that Commandery, such as war, economic crises, or to boost profits from agriculture or industry.

To issue an Assignment, you must have control of all settlements within a Commandery, and have total control over the area.

How To Issue An Assignment


To issue an Assignment, click the Assignments box above the Commandery name in the bottom left-hand sign of the screen. This will bring up a list of available characters that you can Assign to the Commandery. The menu will also show how many positions are available within that Commandery.

If you scroll your mouse over the available characters, you will also be able to see the benefits that those characters can offer the Commandery. To see those benefits in detail, left click on the character. Some characters will be able to offer multiple buffs, but you will need to choose which buff is active at any given time.

Assignments can be used to take advantage of a Commandary’s strengths, or buff up their weaknesses. If you have a Commandary that is filled with Agriculture based settlements, you can pick an Assignment that will increase the profits from Agriculture. If you fear that a Commandary might be attacked, you can switch in a character who can offer improved military power in the region.

Making the right choices about Assignments can dramatically improve the benefits of a Commandary, and can make maintaining it much cheaper, or they can make it far more profitable, or socially stable.