Treasure Seeker achievement guide in Second Extinction

I want to meet whatever dinosaur laid this egg.

Image via Avalanche Studios Group

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Easter eggs in video games are always fun to find. They are random little secrets hidden in weird areas. Often, Easter eggs are references or jokes made by developers, but they can also just be simple secrets or actual eggs hidden in the world. Second Extinction features an Easter egg which gives a nice boost to your game loot and is tied to an achievement. Here is how to get the Treasure Seeker achievement in Second Extinction.

The Treasure Seeker achievement in Second Extinction reads, “Find the Golden Egg.” That’s a pretty self-explanatory description. There is a golden egg hidden in the world that you need to find. A quick note: the egg is not guaranteed to spawn into the world, so if you go to the location and don’t find it, exit to the main menu and start the process over again. It took us four tries to get the egg to spawn in, so we don’t think it has terrible odds of appearing.

To find the egg, enter into an Expedition and choose your insert point at Lata Plains. Essentially directly to the east is the location we need to find. There is a small cliff top with a tree looking over a ravine that you need to find. You can see the location on the map in the screenshot below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you come into the hill, you will notice you cannot reach the top from the front. Instead, walk around the right side, and you will find a hill you can walk up in the back. Continue walking up until you find two ledges you can climb up, and you will see a tree on the right side. On the opposite side facing you will be the golden egg. Shoot it, and it will drop a lot of loot as well as reward you your achievement.

Screenshot by Gamepur