Tribes of Midgard Valhalla Saga: Release Date, Resets & New Rewards

The Valhalla Saga is a free update to all players, and marks the fourth major saga content push in Tribes of Midgard.

Image via Norsfell

The Valhalla Saga update to Tribes of Midgard will usher in a wave of content, giving players a chance to explore something brand new. The Valhalla realm will open up to players, giving them a new biome to explore, which means more enemies to fight, resources to cultivate, and a Saga Boss to encounter.

You’ll have the chance to jump into the Valhalla Saga when it launches, and it will be a free update to all players. Here’s what you need to know about the release date, how the realms reset, and upcoming rewards for Tribes of Midgard’s Valhalla Saga.

When is Tribes of Midgard’s Valhalla Saga release date?

The development team at Norsfell has confirmed that the Valhalla Saga update will launch on April 11. Again, this will be a free update to all players who own the game across all platforms, which means if you own the game, you can jump into this new content immediately.

Are worlds resetting for Tribes of Midgard’s Valhalla Saga?

All players should expect to see their worlds resetting when the Valhalla Saga launches on April 11. This means all of your progress and saved world-building in the survival mode will reset, and you will need to start from scratch. However, the Norsfell team has confirmed that this will be the last time this happens, so don’t expect it from future updates.

All Valhalla Saga rewards in Tribes of Midgard

There will be a series of new rewards for those who play the game during the Valhalla Saga. These will be revealed closer to the start of the saga, and it has been confirmed that the Witch Saga Rewards will appear in the Shop, where you can purchase them using Golden Horns.

Tribes of Midgard Valhalla Saga trailers

This was the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Valhalla Saga.