How to Fix Missing Tyrant Mine Stronghold Glitch in Anthem

There’s a glitch happening in Anthem where players have the Tyrant Mine stronghold missing from their map. For players who have reached the end-game, this limits the activities they can do to earn loot. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to get the icon back on the map so Anthem players can continue running through the game.

How The Tyrant Mine Icon Goes Missing

Many players report they can initially jump into the Tyrant Mine whenever they like. As they’re going through the mission, at some point, they’re going to disconnect from the game and get thrown back to the game’s main menu. This forces them to jump back into the game, and start the Stronghold over again.

When they go to start the mission up again from their Contracts map, they can’t find it. The icon doesn’t show up on their main map, and it’s missing from the Stronghold selection. If you attempt to do the Tyrant Mine and disconnect, it’s safe to assume you’re going to inherit this glitch. Some players have also reported they had reached the end of the Tyrant Mine and were unable to leave, forcing them to close the game and start it back up. Doing this also causes the glitch.

How to Fix The Tyrant Mine Glitch

The best way to bring the Tyrant Mine icon back to your main map is to group up with a friend who can still access it and have the two of you run through the mission. You have to complete the entire thing, and then when you return to your main map, you should see it come back.

For those who don’t high-level friends or those who don’t play the game with a solid group, check out the Anthem Reddit thread. If you post about the issue and say you need to partner with someone, chances are someone will run through the Stronghold with you and fix the problem.

If the problem persists, your next course of action is to contact EA’s Help Support for Anthem and report the problem. They should handle it from there.