Untitled Goose Game: How to Make Someone Outside of High Street Buyback Their Stuff


It pays to be a Goose in Untilted Goose Game, but it doesn’t pay to be a victim of its shenanigans. Sometimes, it’s going to cost you more than time and little frustration from the Goose’s antics. A task you’re going to need to complete in the game is to have a resident buyback an item they owned. You’re going to need to do this from someone out of the high street, and you don’t have too many options.

How to Make Someone Outside of High Street Buyback Their Stuff in Untitled Goose Game

When you first encountered high street, your goal was to terrorize the young boy. Now, you need to drag someone else from their area to the high street and force them to purchase an item they were using, and they own. The female shopkeeper should give you a tip for how much business you’re bringing to her stall.

There’s only one, ideal person to do this to in the game, and that’s the groundskeeper. He’s right around the corner from the high street, tending to his garden. However, what item are you going to want to drag back to the high street and force him to purchase? The best thing you’re going to find to get his attention is one his gardening tools. You’re going to find it on the ground near the gardens, or the chair next to the exit. When you’re ready, grab it, and then get the groundskeeper’s attention.

He’s going to chase you immediately upon seeing your slimy beak wrapped around his prized utensil. You’re going to turn around and high-tail it out of there to the high street. Make sure the man is following you every so often because you don’t want him to give up attempting to catch you. Eventually, place the garden utensil on the stall next to the woman and then leave the scene.

Much like the time when you did this to the young man, the same process is going to play out. The groundskeeper is going to get his item back, but he can’t do it without paying the shopkeeper. Reluctantly, he’s going to pay her to buy his item. When the money gets exchanged, you’re going to complete the task, and you can move on to the next objective in the To-do (As well) list.