Untitled Goose Game: How to have a Cabbage Picnic


The Goose in Untitled Goose Game wants to have the best day of its life. Among its many requests to do what it wants, it’s going to want to throw together a picnic for itself to have next to the lake on the picnic blanket. When you get to the next portion of the game after beating it, you’re going to get tasked with dragging one of the cabbages back to the picnic blanket. Here’s how you do it.

Cabbage Picnic in Untitled Goose Game

The difficulty around this task is distracting the groundskeeper enough to move the cabbage. Unlike other items in the game, the Goose can lean down and use its beak to drag it around to where it wants to go. You can’t do that with this item. You’re going to need to distract the groundskeeper and give yourself enough time to drag the vegetable to the lake.

A great way to distract the groundskeeper is by taking a personal item away from him. If you take a vegetable or another item from his garden, he’s going to turn around and put it back in its place. Instead, you need to take his thermos, radio, or his favorite tool in the corner to get him to go to the upper-right portion of his garden. Get him over there, drop it after getting his attention, and then rush to the lower left side of the garden to the cabbages.

Now, because you can’t use your beak to drag the cabbage around, you’re going to need to push it with your lower body. It’s going to take you a great deal of time to get it to the front gate. There’s a side exit the Goose can use to get to the front side of the garden, but the cabbage won’t fit in it. If you’re lucky, the groundskeeper won’t notice you, and if he does, try to distract him again with another item, like the radio, so he puts down the cabbage.

When you get to the cabbage outside of the garden, go down and to the right to place the cabbage on the picnic cloth. You should finish the task when the cabbage reaches this point. You’re likely going to have some trouble distracting the groundskeeper long enough to let you finish, but it should only take your two or three tries to get it there.