Untitled Goose Game: How To Drop the Bucket on the Burly Man


When you wrap up a majority of the tasks in the pub in the Untitled Goose Game you’re going to need to knock the bucket on the burly man’s head. The burly man is the guy guarding the entrance. If he ever sees you, he’s going to strategically shoo you out of the pub and push you back onto the street, forcing you to sneak back in. Here’s how you trick him and get the bucket on his head.

Drop the Bucket on the Burly Man’s Head in Untitled Goose Game

The bucket is at the back end of the pub. The burly man is standing at the entrance, on the other side of the pub. The big trouble is getting him to go into the back because he has no reason to do so. Whenever you get his attention and sneak away, he’s going to return to the entrance and dutifully guard the premise. However, there’s a big hint to his weakness right next to him: tomatoes.

You’re going to notice there are three different tomato crates in the pub. There’s one at the entrance, in the middle, and the back right under the bucket. You want to drag the man to the tomatoes underneath the bucket. To do so, steal a tomato from any of the three crates and drop it near the gate in the back.

When your tomato is in position, return to the front and honk at our burly friend. You’re going to get his attention, and he’s going to chase you. Lead him the back and hide underneath the porch area that leads into the back. He’s going to give up looking for you, and instead, he’s going to look at the tomato you left behind.

If you position at the right location, he’s going to go into the back and need to place it in the large tomato crate. When he’s doing this, race up to the upper area of the pub and rush to the bucket. If you do it quickly enough, you’re going to get the bucket to drop on his head. You should proceed to the next area after it lands on him.