Untitled Goose Game: How to collect the five flowers


These people in this quaint little town are certainly content in their daily lives. They have a charming city, complete with a miniature model of the entire place. Would be a shame of a goose menace came through and ruined their day. And while we’re at it, let’s take all their flowers.

Another item on that post-game To-Do As Well list is to steal all five flowers in the game. As the name of the task implies, there are five flowers, one per stage, that you can obtain. As with most items you pick up, people aren’t too happy to see a goose running through their town with a flower and will try and take it from you. Have your escape plan ready.

How to collect all five flowers:

A quick observation: for it to count, you must collect all of them into a neat little pile. Since the well is a central area that connects all the other stages, I stashed them there for safekeeping. You won’t need to worry about citizens walking by and angrily snatching what you’ve rightfully stolen from them.

First Flower – The Garden

The first flower is in the garden. You’ve probably seen that red tulip in the flower bed. The groundskeeper occasionally waters it with the watering can. You’re doing it a favor. It would get overwatered by the time he finishes with it.

Make sure the groundskeeper is distracted by something you left laying around or far enough away. Grab the flower and run to your secret stash location.

Second Flower – High Street Market

You may not have noticed this flower the first time. The second flower is in the little shop at the High Street Market. You’re going to see it next to the glasses stand and the register. You’ll see a white lily poking out of the bin between the two. To take this one, you’ll need to lock the shopkeeper in the garage. Grab anything and lure her in. When she runs in to get it, pull the string and run to the flower.

Now take the flower to wherever you’re stashing all of them and move on to the next one.

Third Flower – The Prized Rose

I’d advise you to leave this one for last, but it’s up to you. You’ve encountered this flower before. First, get back into the man’s garden. Sneak past him while he reads the paper and drag the rose’s pot to the end of the flowerbed.

Now, untie the yellow ribbon and get into his neighbor’s yard. Get the woman’s attention and position yourself behind the squirrel shaped shrub. Peck it a few times to ruin it and she’ll trim it back to shape, accidentally clipping the rose behind it. Odds are she will fix the patched fence before trimming the shrub, closing your exit.

Run up to the top right and pull the drawer out of the little desk. Once it falls run up and jump back into the man’s yard. The clipped rose will be on the ground. Sneak by the man and get the rose.

From here, I found it easier to run back through the woman’s yard and back up the broken desk to his yard to get out. You could probably sneak back past him while he’s reading with the rose in your mouth. Run it to your stash and head to the pub.

Fourth Flower – The Pub

Another flower you’ve run into is the easiest to get. It’s handed right to you. The hardest part is getting inside, but since you’ve already done this stage, pull the no geese allowed sign and run by the guard. No need to waste time with the box, unless you want to.

Run to the two women at the table. Stand on the small platform next to the table. They’ll get excited and start gesturing to you. Mimic their gestures with your commands. If they flap their arms, flap your wings, for example. Once you’ve done all three (speak, bow, and flap your wings), they toss you the yellow daisy in the vase on the table for your performance.

See, not everyone hates you.

Now take that prize and run away with it before one of the people that do hate you try to take it.

Fifth Flower – Miniature Town’s Garden

The final one is another easy one. Walk into the model village. Inside the miniature garden is another orange flower. Grab it and walk through the paths to drop it off.

Once you drop the last flower into the pile, the task gets marked as complete. Congrats on thieving your way through this town to get all their flowers. Now, torment them some more.