Untitled Goose Game – How To Complete All Garden Tasks


Untitled Goose Game is here, and it is time to be a nuisance. In this guide, we will show you how to complete all the tasks in the garden area. So, get ready to get up to no good!

How To Complete All Garden Tasks

You don’t have to do these in order, and it might be quicker to do some of the “Have a Picnic” tasks at the start.

Get Into The Garden

This one is easy, grab the shovel or a bag at the gate and drag it around so that the groundskeeper sees you. When he opens the gate, run inside. The groundskeeper should hear the radio, and go to get it, so quickly grab a carrot and a pumpkin and drag them to the bench, then down to the blanket.

Get The Groundskeeper Wet

Grab any item in the garden, and honk to get the groundskeepers attention, this works much more comfortable if it is an item that is showing in the groundskeepers thought bubble. Just drop it beside the nozzle in the garden, then run outside and turn on the water.

Steal The Groundskeepers Keys

To steal his keys, wait until the groundskeeper is looking away from you, then sneak in behind him to grab the keys.

Make The Groundskeeper Wear His Sun Hat

Pull the tulip out of the ground, then drop it near the groundskeeper. When he kneels to replant it, grab his hat, run down to the lake, and throw it in.

Rake In The Lake

Just grab the rake, then pull it down to the lake. Drag it through the garden behind the flower beds on the right of the screen, as the groundskeeper shouldn’t see you here.

Make The Groundskeeper Hammer His Thumb

After annoying the groundskeeper enough, he will try to put up a “No Geese” sign, wait for him to swing the hammer and then honk.

Have A Picnic

You can start this one first, by bringing the sandwich (both halves) the apple, and the basket down the screen to the picnic blanket. After that, go to the gate and pull the two bags so that the radio falls, pick it up and then run down to the blanket with it. After that, sneak all the other items out of the garden and down to the blanket, taking the same route you took for the rake.