Untitled Goose Game – How To Complete All Tasks At The Pub


Untitled Goose Game is here, so it is time to become a sneaky, annoying goose. In this guide, we show you how to do all tasks on your to-do list in the Pub.

How To Complete All Tasks At The Pub

Get Into The Pub

For this one, you can walk up the cellar door near the delivery van and fall on to the box. Interacting with the box gets the goose to hide in it, and the delivery person carries you inside.

Break The Dartboard

This task forces you to weaponize your honk. Wait for the man to be mid-throw, then honk.

Get the Toy Boat

You need to turn on the tap to get to the boat. The woman here can spot the sink filling and turns off the sink. Keep her distracted by stealing other things from the pub or honking at her while the sink fills up. Run over to grab the toy boat, and you’re good.

Make The Old Man Fall On His Bum

Wait behind his the old man’s stool until he is about to sit down. Then grab the seat and whip it out from under him.

Be Awarded A Flower

Stand near the picnic table, on top of the grate, and copy the actions the two women perform. You need to honk, crouch forward, and spread your wings, in that order.

Steal A Pint Glass And Drop It In The Canal

Grab a pint glass from one of the tables, then make your way out the front of the pub. You may need to hide for a bit to make the man at the gate leave. When he does take the glass across the road and throw it in the canal.

Set The Table

You will need a knife, fork, plate, pepper, and candle. You can find the plate on the fridge in the back near the makeshift table (it’s just an old wooden spindle with a cloth on it). You will find a fork and knife on the raised area to the top of the screen in the central area of the pub. The pepper is on a table to the left of the raised area. The candle is on the right.

Drop a Bucket On The Burly Man’s Head

This task feels a little awkward, but it isn’t. In the back area, you will find a small crate with some tomatoes in it, directly above it on the wall is a bucket. Thankfully, the old man is crazy protective of vegetables. Bring some through the small gap under the raised area and leave then on the ground, then make the Burly Man chase you. He picks up the tomatoes and brings them to the crate. Run up on the raised area to the back wall with the bucket on it. Knock the bucket off, and it will land on his head.